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Review of Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix Extreme Price

By Samantha Medina

I have always been the type of person to want to reach my fitness goals, but never had a solid system to follow. Fitness is not just about going to the gym and lifting heavy weights. I tried the gym, personal trainers, fitness classes, but none of it worked for me. Money went down the drain while I was trying to keep up with all the payments. Also, this didn’t come with a personal nutritionist who told me what supplements and foods I should be eating. This is why I needed to find another method that was suitable for my budget, yet could provide me with both the nutritional guide and training I needed to have the body of my dreams.

Review of Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix Extreme Price 


I was introduced to 21 Day Fix a couple of months ago and immediately lost 14 pounds! It is a great home workout for beginners, comes with a nutrition plan for the 21 days, and is inexpensive. This program changed my life! I am more active than I’ve ever been before, I have more energy, and my eating habits transformed completely. I can truly say I am ready for the next level.

The 21 Day Fix Extreme is launching February 2nd!!! This program is for: 21 Day Fix graduates, both men and women. People who like and crave intensity, want to get shredded and toned, or are getting ready for a special event. This is perfect for going above and beyond in your health and fitness.

The 21 Day Fix Extreme price is only $160. The challenge pack comes with everything needed to achieve the best results in only 21 days. It includes:

  • 6 workout DVD’s with 1 bonus DVD and 2 deluxe workouts
  • 7 color-coded portion control containers
  • 1 month supply of Shakeology
  • Shakeology shaker cup
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme eating plan
  • Countdown to competition
  • Free Beachbody Coach support

The 21 Day Fix Extreme price is remarkable for all it includes. I was very surprised it was not more, because usually intense Beachbody programs like Insanity or P90X are $205 or more. As I mentioned before, I’ve tried personal trainers and spent hundreds of dollars. Now with the 21 Day Fix Extreme price being so affordable I have a personal trainer right at home! I also get an eating plan created for extreme workouts, and getting the toned body I’ve always wanted. The best part about it all is the free Beachbody Coach for online support. Staying motivated and accountable is hard to do on your own, but with the support from like-minded individuals, it pushes you to keep moving towards your fitness goal. I cannot wait to start my fitness journey with this program.

Ready for your 21 Day Fix Extreme? Find out more today!


  1. This is so true! What a great program to follow, the 21 Day Fix Program spells everything out for you to make you successful.

  2. Great article…I felt the same way. 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme takes the guessing game out of the nutritional aspect of fitness…love it!

  3. I have many favorite things about the 21 Day Fix! 1) I can use it as many times as I need to, to get to my goal weight 2) I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in my healthy eating habits when I’m taking a week off from the program. I love the 21 day fix because for me it is a long term plan!

  4. Great article! She has an awesome testimonial on the importance of proper meal plans created for beginners or extreme workouts and getting the toned body you’ve always wanted! 21 Day Fix takes the guess work out for us! Simple Nutrition! Extreme Results! #uftcanada

  5. This is such a great program. It takes all the guess work out with the color coded containers and give you awesome results in a short amount of time.

  6. So many have asked…Here it is. This is a great review of the 21 Day Fix Extreme. The best part about this program is that it takes all of the guess work out of the equation and spells it out for you, step by step. Whether it be this program or the original 21 Day Fix, in only 21 Days, you’ll learn the tools needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  7. Such a great article explaining all you get for such a great price. I have heard so many success stories about this program.. Autumn is Awesome!

  8. Great article. I completely agree. I’ve had amazing success with this program. I’m on the first week of Extreme and it’s challenging, but I love it!

  9. This is a great article on the value of 21 Day Fix Extreme. I just finished my first round and it was worth every penny!

  10. Great article on the value of 21 Day Fix Extreme! I just finished my first round and it was worth every penny!

  11. Great read Samantha! This is a great example of what a complete package this system delivers. Getting great results in 21 days! Awesome!

  12. Her story is so similar to many of those I hear from my clients and even to what I’ve experienced myself. If it rings true to anyone else reading this I hope it inspires you to take action for yourself!

  13. Great article on the new 21 day Fix Extreme including the breakdown of what one actually gets with their purchase.. definitely has much value and can be used over and over.. I loved my results from the original fix can’t wait to see my Extreme results.

  14. YES! Samantha did an awesome job simplifying the price vs. value of the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I think we have all wasted our hard earned money on a gym membership or classes that we just didn’t go to. Even if we did go, we were still missing the support and the nutrition/portion control aspect that are just as important.

  15. This is an awesome article by Samantha Medina I just read. It’s about the 21 Day Fix and how affordable it really is and how do able it can be. This article its a good one to look at.

  16. This is very similar to my experience. I kept paying for a gym membership but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. It wasn’t until I found the trifecta….a workout program, a nutritional program, and the support of a fitness coach that it started to work for me.

  17. This is such a great article explaining how the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme are such a great value and complete package. I always felt lost at the gym. This program takes the guess work out of proper portions and what kinds of exercise to do.

  18. This article explains some of the many benefits of these 21 Day Programs. Nutrition is so critical to successful weight loss and fitness, but who can afford their own nutritionist? With these programs, you don’t need it! Perfect!

  19. This is an amazing article on the incredible value of 21 Day Fix Extreme. I finished the program last week and got great results.

  20. Would love to hear your thoughts on this great article about health and fitness that I’m about to SHARE with you.

  21. This is a good breakdown of everything you get in the program, This was a program I was scared to do because I thought I wouldn’t like it and I absolutely LOVED it!!! The portion control taught me so much and the workouts are so incredible!!!!

  22. This was a great article,Really shows everyone what a solid and simple system this is to see great results in nutrition and fitness! thanks for SHARING this with us Samantha Medina

  23. Well said. Amazing how it really comes with EVERYTHING you need to succeed. Most of the time you just get one piece of the puzzle like workouts only and are left to figure out the nutrition on your own. Beachbody makes this so simple by offering not only an intense workout and calendar to follow, but color-coded containers to help with portion control (most everyone’s problem) and the support of a community of like-minded people who want to help you succeed. So Awesome!

  24. What a great article about what people get for their money! This program has all the tools you need to succeed! Thanks Samantha for showing people all that is included!

  25. Great article by our friend Samantha Medina! She found a program that works for her and describes it to a T! Well done sista! Got to keep sharing this one!:)

  26. The value of what you get for the price is UNREAL!! Just perfect for getting that summer body in the shortest amount of time!

  27. Great points brought up and explaining how Beachbody programs help save while getting people in the best shape of their lives! Loved 21 Day FIX which totally changed the way I see foods and improved my nutrition, and now excited to try out 21 Day FIX Extreme and take it to another level. Great job on this article!

  28. Great article. I have to say is there a price of changing your life to live happy and healthy? what I do know is that the price of the 21 day fix and the 21 day fix extreme is nothing compared to the price of living on meds or the price of what your family will go through with out you.

  29. What an awesome alternative to the gym, a trainer, or a nutritionist. The nutrition plan sounds amazing. I would recommend this program to everyone. Thank you for the honest information.

  30. The 21 Day Fix is a great program! Samantha sums up why I would want to take my workouts to the EXTREME level. This article is a great breakdown as to why it is worth it to get this workout program.

  31. The very BEST way to achieve weight loss and health goals is with a comprehensive approach, and if you tried to duplicate ALL that is provided with the 21 Day Fix Extreme program a personal trainer, gym membership, nutritionist and supplements you’d spend 10x as much and you would have to continue spending that month over month. I just have to SHARE this great approach with everyone I care about because it’s so effective AND affordable!

  32. The nutrition portion of this program on it’s own is WORTH the value! I have been following it for 3 weeks and the results are amazing! Plus, I’m like you, Samantha, as I always paid for the gym and never went! Great to find something that works AND is affordable!

  33. Great value to get a full on competition nutrition plan for a STEAL!!! I paid over $1200 for a competition nutrition plan before this came out. Now I recommend this program for those who want to compete and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for a competition nutrition plan not created by NUTRIONISTS. This one is created by nutritionists. Beachbody always goes above and beyond!!

  34. I had to SHARE this great article showing what great value you get when you buy this program! It gives you all the tools you need to take your body to the next level.

  35. Thank you for all the great comments and feedback everyone. I hope all of you can relate to it, and see the value in this awesome product. They are life changing!

  36. Great article from Samantha Medina about all the value included with 21 Day Fix Extreme!! So many things you get for ONLY $160. Best deal in the fitness world!! Check it out…

  37. I am SHARING this great article. What hit home for me was the availability of a nutritional plan that I can truly follow. I have the containers out in my kitchen. I use them instead of measuring cups now all the time – just grab the right color and fill. Its perfect!!!

  38. Totally agree with the concept of having your own trainer everyday with the 21 Day Fix Extreme work-out, you never have to decide what exercise to do for the day. I had to SHARE this concept with you…no more guessing people.

  39. Great information on the importance of proper meal plans created for all fitness levels! 21 Day Fix takes the guess work out, clear program calendar, nutrition guide and portion control containers! Super simple for extreme results! AMAZING price!

  40. I love this article on the price of the 21 Day Fix Extreme! You get so much for your money and learn how to control your weight. Great article!!! Love it!

  41. I wanted to share this article after reading. It provides some great info about the costs. I’m impressed that the whole package is so reasonable. Have a great weekend.

  42. This is a very informative article on an amazing program! Sam hits all the issues most people are struggling with in their fitness challenges, whether it be cost of a gym you don’t use or knowing what nutrition to follow. Best of all is the results are so dramatic!

  43. This is a great assessment of an amazing program. The 21 Day Fix has a value that is so much more than just a $160. Where else can you get a personal trainer in your home, an amazing meal planner with containers that is pretty easy to follow and the opportunity to have an amazing transformation in just 21 days! This program cannot be match, it’s definitely a one of a kind and a MUST HAVE!

  44. This is such an amazing program. Thank you for sharing! I love how everything is mapped out and ready so that I can succeed. All I need is intrinsic motivation. Those little details in preparation are exactly what I need from a program so that I can stay on track.

  45. This is a great article by Samantha Medina about her personal journey using 21 Day Fix to launch her weight loss journey. Samantha continues the article with a discussion regarding the incredible value of 21 Day Fix Extreme, a high intensity workout that will challenge the best! This remarkable program will sculpt and shred your muscles without going to the gym for a very affordable price.

  46. Great Article, Great value, Great results in 21 days. I love the nutrition
    /portion control and that I can workout at home! Fits my busy life style!
    Thanks Samantha !

  47. Great article. The 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme takes the guessing game out of the nutritional aspect of fitness! She has an awesome testimonial on the importance of proper meal plans created for beginners or extreme workouts and getting the toned body you’ve always wanted! 21 Day Fix takes the guess work out for us

  48. Awesome article! All around program that will help with the nutritional side of things while keeping the workouts intense. Definite buy!

  49. Awesome article! I love the break down of the pricing and EVERYTHING you get for the money_and all of it to keep and use again and again! but I appreciate the way Sam mentioned her personal experiences with health and fitness! WHO hasn’t been in those shoes? The comparison clearly outlines the Awesomeness of a Beachbody Program.

  50. Great Review! $160 is not a lot at all when you really put it in perspective. My life and health is way more important that $160. Investing in yourself is putting a lot of faith and trust in your motivation, and I know I believe in me! 21 Day Fix Extreme will help me get shredded in a short amount of time, so you better believe I am gonna try this!Thanks again for your insight!

  51. Thanks for the insight and breakdown of the pricing. $160 is cheap compared to a personal trainer. I’m excited to share this with my friends!

  52. This article is spot on at detailing the amazing value of what you get in the 21 Day Fix extreme package! And from experience with the program this price is a STEAL!! I have spent so much money over the years in gym memberships, trainers, meal plans etc… and this program gives you EVERYTHING you need to start getting and seeing results in just 3 weeks!

  53. I couldnt wait to SHARE this amazing article from my friend Samantha.She nails it on WHY the 21 day fix Extreme is such a Bargain!! I would love ANY feedback that you have.Make it an Incredible Tuesday.:-))))

  54. Oh my gosh this sounds like my story!! 21 day fix got me hooked. Helped me find out just how much help my nutrition needed. The workouts are great being only 30mins it was easy to stick with and accomplish! Thank you for sharing!

  55. Have you ever seen a workout program and wondered if it is worth it? I do. It’s nice when someone who has it tells you what you get and how it worked for them. If you’ve seen this one advertised, this review will answer those questions for you.

  56. This affordable fitness & nutrition program will help anyone attain their desired fitness/weight goals- you just have to commit and then follow the program.

  57. Going to the gym didn’t work very well for me, I would work out but I needed more help. This program is great in that it includes portion control containers and a simple eating plan. I can get on board with that! Great review Samantha!

  58. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this program! It works when you put in the work and it is an amazing value for all that you get with it!

  59. Following through with a fitness and nutrition plan can be challenging at times. The 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme programs do the thinking for us, so that all we have to do is complete the minute workouts and eat what has already been planned. This keeps us motivated, and there is a whole network of people who help us stay accountable to our health goals. Awesome!

  60. I know exactly what you mean Samantha! I love the “system” of this program. Just follow the calendar and nutrition guide and BOOM, the results happen! And I can just roll out of bed and start without having to travel! So easy!

  61. A friend of mine just ordered this program can’t wait to see his results. He’s all fired up. It’s amazing he’ll be logging into to Beachbody each day posting his workouts for a chance to win $500 everyday! WHATTTTT?? Yes a chance to win $500 everyday you log your workout. And then taking before and after pictures after the 21 Days to enter the total body transformation and be entered in for the GRAND PRIZE of 100,000.00..Yes $$$$ get FIT and HEALTH my FRIENDS and get paid for your efforts!!!

  62. Amazing article!! Points out some very important things that most of us can relate to….Like spending money on gym memberships and trainers and not knowing where to start nutritionally! I personally can relate to that, which is why i felt compelled to SHARE this article! I love seeing the simplicity and convenience that Beachbody products offer! I would love to hear your feedback…

  63. I really appreciate people who SHARE their experience with a particular fitness program. This article is one of those. I’ve never been fond of going to the gym and much prefer working out at home. This review is very helpful and I would love to hear your thoughts after reading it.

  64. Thanks for the article Samantha. Great to hear your testimonial and describe the amazing value in the 21 Day value pack.

  65. Great article! On the importance of proper meal plans created for beginners or extreme workouts and getting the toned body you’ve always wanted! 21 Day Fix takes the guess work out for us!

  66. These 21 Day Fix programs are like having a Personal Trainer by your side – exercise & nutrition guidance together!

  67. Price objection is one of the first reasons someone may choose not to join my challenge. I appreciate my friend Samantha’s comparison to what you might spend in gym memberships, personal trainers, and time contributions. Check out her review and tell me what you think!

  68. Thank you Samantha for SHARING this great article!This shows how you can workout at home even if your on a budget and have good nutrition!

  69. What an amazing deal! You don’t need to spend tons of money to get healthy. Nice job laying out exactly what you get with this program Samantha.

  70. What a great article from my friend Samantha on the value of Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix Extreme Fix from Beachbody… Consider this, for WAY less that two personal trainer secessions per month, you can have a complete fitness and nutrition plan that will help you achieve your goals in less than 30 minutes per day.. Now that’s value!

  71. Great Article! Very informative, to help people understand the complete breakdown of the 21 Day Fix Extreme Program!!!!

  72. Great article emphasizing the truth…that nutrition (both quality AND quantity) IS the 80% solution to reaching weight-loss and health goals! Bravo!

  73. Your article was very informative and is a great example of what a complete package this system delivers. Getting great results in 21 days! Thank you for sharing your personal journey

  74. Want to get ready for summer — this program will get you there, and such an affordable price for this package that has everything you need to get started. Thanks for sharing your story Samantha!

  75. I am actually on my last week of 21 Day Fix Extreme. Yeah! Well, I do have to say that this review of the price is great. It really has been more than worth it.

  76. Great information and review of the program and pricing! I agree it is the best program and the price is fantastic. Thanks for sharing your personal journey!

  77. LOVE this program! This is by far my favorite program yet. The price point is AMAZING for what we get with the nutritional components!

  78. Are you working out and still not getting results? Most likely your nutrition is making you fail. This is a great review I wanted to share with you on the 21 Day Fix Extreme. This workout will get you amazing results. But it’s the meal plan and the containers that are going to finally teach you what you should be eating and the proper proportion. In 21 day you will be amazed at your results. YOU can do this.

  79. Have you ever seen a workout program and wondered if it is worth it? I do. It’s nice when someone who has it tells you what you get and how it worked for them. If you’ve seen this one advertised, this review will answer those questions for you.

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