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3 Benefits of Eating Breakfast Backed By Science

Do you want to eat more but lose weight at the same time? Impossible? What if study after study after study proved you can?

In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to lose weight. It requires no dieting, no exercise, and no magic pill. All you have to do is not skip your breakfast. You’ll drop the pounds without having to starve.

Indeed, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It improves your memory, keeps you energized, and reduces your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, people who regularly eat breakfast tend to be skinnier, more productive, and generally healthier.

Need more reasons to make your morning meal a daily ritual? Well, here are 3 benefits for eating breakfast proven by research and scientifically backed.

Lose Weight

You might think skipping breakfast will help stave off calories and keep your figure slim, but studies prove the opposite. People who regularly eat breakfast are more successful at losing weight and keeping it off than people who skip their morning meal.

In fact, research suggests that what we eat is just as important as when we eat. One study found that people who made breakfast their largest meal lost an average of 17.8 pounds over 3 months.  And people who made dinner their largest meal? They lost only 7.3 pounds over the same time period.

3 Benefits of Eating Breakfast Backed By Science 

It might have to do with ghrelin, notoriously known as the ‘hunger hormone‘. Located in our stomach, ghrelin sends signals to our brain and  makes us want to eat, especially foods loaded with fat. It also makes us feel good, really good. In fact, ghrelin and cocaine activate the same regions in the brain, highly motivating us to indulge our cravings – even if we’re full.

So if you skip your breakfast, you’ll increase your ghrelin levels, causing you to crave high-carb snacks that are just too good to pass up! On the other hand, starting your day with breakfast 30 to 90 minutes after waking up may quicken our metabolism, regulate your blood sugar, and reduce your ghrelin levels (and subsequently, your cravings). 

Enhance Your Cognitive Performance

If you’re between the ages of 6 and 16, good news – breakfast makes you smarter.

One study looked at test results of over 1386 kids and found that eating breakfast gave them superior cognitive performance, especially when it came to memory and attention span. Now you’re probably long out of grade school, but the benefits are likely to carry across all age groups. Ask yourself, don’t you feel better, more alert and full of energy after a bowl of cereal? Imagine how you’d feel adding some low-carb, high-fiber and protein foods to the mix.

While you might not be able to say no to Honey Nut Cheerios, definitely say yes to top brain foods like walnuts, spinach, berries and avocados. Even dark chocolate, coffee, and sardines are cognitive enhancers and optimal breakfast choices. Not only will these super foods improve brain function, they’ll protect against age-caused cognitive decline and encourage focus and clarity.  You can even find a solution for your healthiest meal of the day in a nutrition dense protein shake, like Shakeology

Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

If skipping breakfast increases your risk of heart disease, than not skipping breakfast lowers it. At least, that’s what one monumental 16 year study following 26,902 male professionals between the ages of 45-82 claims.

Those who reported they frequently skipped breakfast had a “higher risk of a heart attack or fatal coronary heart disease … even after accounting for modest differences in diet, physical activity, smoking and other lifestyle factors.” The men who did eat their breakfast were 27 percent less likely to have a heart attack or die from coronary heart disease than the men who skipped this incredibly important meal.

The study also found that men who did not eat breakfast tended to be young, unmarried smokers who worked full time. Now that doesn’t mean skipping breakfast will lower the chances of finding your significant other nor will eating breakfast decrease your job opportunities. Rather, it shows that the lifestyles of these young men included not eating breakfast, which in turn leads to a greater risk of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

So there you have it; eating breakfast will help you lose weight, make you smarter, improve your health, and possibly just save your life. The question is now, what do you eat?

Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition

Not all of us have the time to prepare a gourmet meal for breakfast. Some of us barely have time to find our keys, let alone brew a cup of coffee before we’re out the door and on our way to work.

But if you’re looking for a way to lose weight with a delicious, why not try a protein packed and nutrient-rich shake? They’re fast, easy to make, and their taste is only limited by your creativity. That’s why there’s Shakeology from Beachbody.

Not only can you whip up one of these delicious shakes in LESS THAN ONE MINUTE, Shakeology’s Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition that’s packed with incredible amounts of protein, antioxidants, phytonutrients, prebiotics, enzymes, and many rare superfoods from around the world that your body desperately needs and craves.* Plus, Shakeology helps to significantly increase your energy levels, as well as reduce junk food cravings.

And because Shakeology’s key ingredients are derived from whole food sources, your body will be able to easily absorb and utilize the nutrients you’re feeding it immediately.



  1. I love great breakfasts, and especially love Shakeology. Definitely my favorite breakfast for over 2 years now!

  2. Love eating breakfast now after 2 years of learning this. I used to skip all the time to try to lose weight:( Now Im able to eat my healthy breakfast and Shakeology as a snack.

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  4. what a great article! I also love the information on Shakeology.. I’ve been drinking for over two years and I can’t imagine what I would do with out it to start my day and have for a healthy snack…

  5. This article is great! I had no idea about the effect of ghrelin (or what that even was to be honest), so this was a great read! I’m up so early in the morning to workout that I can’t imagine not eating something for breakfast, but it’s awesome to read about the research that backs up my decision 🙂

  6. Good for your health, weight control, your brain, your heart…you’ve got to eat breakfast! This is something I struggled with for years, but it makes a huge difference. Here’s and article with some great info I wanted to share as to how important it is – do you eat breakfast? Happy Monday morning!

  7. So glad that Shakeology is on the list for breakfast because that is what I have each and every morning.

  8. Lucky for me breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! Especially when it’s my most delicious Shakeology!!!

  9. I try to eat breakfast on most days, and it’s definitely easy when I have shakeology and then I know that I am getting superfood nutrition to start off the day!

  10. I always feel so much better when I eat a healthy breakfast. I’m excited to see dark chocolate listed as an option. ;-P

  11. I used to skip breakfast all the time trying to get to work by 7 am. Now Shakeology makes breakfast the healthiest and quickest meal of my day. I love having so much more energy to get my day going.

  12. Mom always said Breakfast was the best meal of the day & I’m glad she did. The benefits are now being validated by science.

  13. Great article! It’s nice to see the science on the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. I struggled for years to find breakfast food that was gf, dairy free, and egg free. Now I wake up and look forward to my Chocolate Vegan Shake:)

  14. People always say “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Eating the right breakfast is even more important. Great article!

  15. WOW, my mornings are just slammed with getting the kids fed, lunches made, and all of us ready for work/school in a timely fashion. Since using Shakeology in the morning for breakfast, I have found that it helps me make great food choices through the rest of the day. Something to be said about making sure your day is started right.

  16. Sure glad my mom made me breakfast every morning! I’ve been saying this for years – now scientifically proven! Great article!

  17. I had no idea that breakfast in the morning made that tremendous difference in children! CRAZY!!! It took me 37 years to figure out breakfast was important!! Can’t wait to share this!

  18. I’ve always known eating breakfast was important…but might have to eat a BIGGER breakfast and SMALLER dinner now!

  19. Great advice I provide to my clients make sure to have breakfast! That is why I am in love with Shakeology, place my ingredients in the blender with almond milk and have it on the go!

  20. Breakfast is important in setting the tone for a healthy lifestyle throughout the day. These are 3 great reasons – backed by research – why breakfast is good for you!

  21. Breakfast is actually one of my favorite meals!! I never used to eat breakfast or lunch and I found myself gaining weight. To me this didn’t make sense! But I was starving my body, so anything I did eat was being stored as fat because my body didn’t know when the next time I was going to eat was!

  22. I see more definition in my muscles and feel more fit the more I eat.. which is so confusing because we all have the tendency to believe we need to eat less and exercise more to lose weight.. but that really isn’t the case. You need to exercise more and EAT MORE! Starting with that first meal of the day… Breakfast! This article does an awesome job at explaining why!

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  25. We have been hearing this since I was a kid, not sure why people are not doing it EVERYDAY, and with Shakeology, breakfast has not only gotten healthier but so much easier to prepare!

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  29. Great info! I had a hard time eating breakfast for many years since I’d actually feel sick to my stomach. Actually, Shakeology is what FINALLY helped me start eating breakfast and now I feel amazing. The weight melted off and the energy is incredible.

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    Thank you for having great content.

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    Can’t wait to SHARE!

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  41. For me the fat really started coming off when I started not only eating breakfast, but one that fueled me for a few hours. I never skip breakfast and 9/10 it is Shakeology. It is easy, fast, travels well and is dense nutrition!

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  64. Thanks for the article! For the last few years I have not skipped breakfast. Whether it be my shake or eggs or oatmeal, I make sure not to leave my house with out something in my stomach. I don’t want to sabotage myself and eat that pastry at work because “I haven’t eaten anything yet.” Start your day of right, you have a better chance of ending it on that high note too!

  65. My favorite meal of the day!!! I seriously go to bed just so I can wake up to eat breakfast. Years ago I was a person who didn’t eat until lunch and years ago I also had more fat on my body. Eating breakfast is KEY!!! Such a simple, easy to make change that really does help have better energy and better health.

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  71. I’ve always been a fan of breakfast – just struggled with having the time to prepare a really balanced and super nutritious breakfast. I’ve been a fan of smoothies for over a decade and when I found Shakeology , it was like a match made in heaven! For over 4 years I’d had Shakeology every day – and never been healthier!

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  73. My whole life, breakfast has always been my favorite meal. I eat eggs for dinner regularly. In my adult-life, I’ve swapped the pancakes for paleo-friendly pancakes and the biscuits and gravy are no more. Most weekdays I rely on Shakeology. My husband was a non-breakfast eater most of his life, but now he drinks Shakeology every morning too. It’s a sure way to stay healthy and give your body what it craves. The stats on heart disease and obesity are too tremendous to ignore, everyone needs to jump start their day with a nutritious meal.

  74. I have always skipped breakfast, as I was always running out the door and wouldn’t take the time. This article gave me some great information on way not to skip breakfast.

  75. This is such a great article because so many people have so many misconceptions about breakfast. Thanks for sharing!

  76. This is such a hard concept to make people understand, but there’s no easier way to lose weight…just eat breakfast. EASY! Of course my favorite breakfast is the yummiest/healthiest thing on earth: SHAKEOLOGY! 🙂

  77. I didn’t always have healthy habits. I’d easily skip breakfast or run out with just a yogurt. This article is so important to raise the awareness on the importance of the first meal of the day, everything to do with avoiding diseases and helping weight loss, and actually what you choose to eat too. Awesome read!

  78. Skipping meals is counter productive when trying to lose weight and this article does a great job at explaining why skipping breakfast can also do more harm then good.

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  81. I was the get up and out the door without breakfast kind of mom for years and now I know how unhealthy that was, so I am SHARING benefits of breakfast and how much easier can it get than a shake! Shakeo has changed my breakfast lifestyle.

  82. I have renamed Ghrelin the “Hunger Hormone”, my food gremlin. I get them when I skip breakfast. After reading this article, never again!

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  84. I used to never take the time to eat breakfast. Since starting Shakeology I can’t start my day without it. My health has completely changed,for the better of course. Please SHARE this!

  85. It’s great to read an article that explains what I feel I have been preaching to our kids for years, but without some proof. Now that we have Shakeology, it’s even easier to start your day off right. Thanks for the info.

  86. I can blame my mother for instilling this in my head as a child. We didn’t go out there door without something for breakfast, even well into my teens when the last thing I wanted was to eat at 6am. THANK YOU MOM! I’ve also had a healthy metabolism most of my life, and this is why!

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