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3 Day Detox Cleanse: A Healthy One

A 3 Day Detox Cleanse is the latest hype for kicking off a healthy lifestyle. The question is…are they really good and are they healthy.

Everyone wants to see results fast! Kick starting the weight loss process can help you feel better about yourself and the detox process itself. Unfortunately, many so-called cleanses are not that healthy and leave you feeling sluggish, slow, and deprived. Juice fasts and liquid cleanses tax your body. They’re hard on your organs and create a rebound effect when you return to normal eating. In general, the weight lost from these types of cleanses is really just water weight. Sure, it works to get you into a special dress for a party or your skinny jeans for a special date, but you want long-term results that will keep your body healthy and make you look and feel better than ever.

3 Day Detox Cleanse: A Healthy One

Well you no longer have to feel that way or have those issues when doing a detox cleanse. The 3 Day Refresh is a healthy cleanse that may help flatten your belly and fit into your clothes better while still giving your body the vital nutrients it needs in order to function.

Here’s how it works:

The 3 Day Refresh is simple. You start off your day with a serving of Shakeology and a fruit serving for breakfast. Shakeology comes in six different flavors, so not only will you be able to find one that you’ll love, there are over 101 recipes that you can create!. Mid-morning you will use the Fiber Sweep Drink. No worries, it is not one of those run-to-the-bathroom drinks.

For lunch you will enjoy a variety of vegetables, a healthy fat, a fruit and drink the Vanilla Fresh Protein Shake which is packed full of nutrients and protein that your body needs. In the afternoon you will have an afternoon snack of vegetables and a choice from the healthy fats list. You will then finish out the day with dinner.

Dinner will include a selection from one of the many amazing meal recipes and a second Vanilla Fresh shake. This program is designed to help naturally remove waste and toxins from your body. You feel full, satisfied, and ready to take on your day with more energy and enthusiasm than ever before.

Can it be done more than once?

The 3 Day Refresh is a fantastic program that is designed to rid your body of impurities. It’s not designed as a long-term solution, and therefore should not be repeated over and over again. You may do the 3-Day Refresh quarterly or even on a monthly basis. It has been reported that people who have used it more than once find themselves losing more weight and finding more energy each time.

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  1. This is a great article I absolutely love this program. Im getting ready to start my 3rd one again July 8th. I love how much energy it gives me. Would highly recommend this to everyone.

  2. ‘Cleanse’ and ‘Detox’ have become the new buzz words of the cool and elite, and unfortunately very misunderstood. This is a great example of providing ‘healing’ elements to allow our body’s to heal and detox by supporting our built in detoxifying systems. Bravo!!

  3. Detox the latest hype in weight loss… Everyone wants to see results NOW!!! But is NOW, FAST, QUICK FIX really the way to go? Very informative article. Check it out.

  4. I am have been thinking I needed something to jumpstart my next round, and this sounds perfect! I can’t wait to contact my coach to start

  5. Man I have been guilty of doing the wrong kinds of detox’s and cleanses and feeling super grumpy and sluggish by the end of it. I wasn’t nourishing my body at all with good eats, just juices and and broths. My poor tummy was begging for food. After reading this article it really makes me want to try this 3 day detox and clean my body from the inside out! Thanks!

  6. This has been such a common topic among friends and acquaintances this past week! Cleansing or detoxing does have its benefits, one of them being a 4-10 lbs loss before that big day only a week away, however choosing what to follow could make a huge difference in the short and long run!

  7. This is a Great article to share about the FAD cleanses and detox diets out there. Do they work or are they healthy? Don’t grab the pepper and lemon juice just yet… check this article for a safe and healthy way to use these body kickstart eating plans.

  8. It is so important to press the reset button on our bodies at least once a year. This is a great program. I loved it!

  9. I love this cleanse because it actually involves eating real food… Some of the products out there are simply scary to me, because of the ingredients in them and what they claim to do…. PLEASE be careful about what you put into your body. Please become educated. Read up on ingredients, keep it as natural as you can, don’t starve yourself, and do it to become healthy, not for any other reason. <3

  10. This is how a “detox” should be done! No Lemon and paprika for 7 days! Why be so hard on your body! Love this post and how it describes the differences in the good and bad detox’s. Thanks GFT! passing this along!

  11. Cleanses and diets are everywhere. I’m really glad to see a healthy approach to cleansing with powerful, healthy products behind it. This is a great common sense article.

  12. Great information! Having done this refresh a few times over the past 9 months, I can say it really is a healthy way to Detox and even lose a few pounds.

  13. Anyone trying to lose weight within a few days but effectively should definitely take a look at this. Great to see there is an alternative to starving and depriving your body of the nutrients it needs.

  14. Great read! It can be scary trying to find a healthy and effective detox, but the 3-day Refresh allows you to eat real FOOD and provides you with the vitamins and nutrients your body needs! I love how this article breaks it down by meal and makes it so easy. Thank you!

  15. This is the perfect way to kickstart any weight loss, health & fitness program. I lost 3 lbs in 3 days with this cleanse. I was able to eat real food and ensure I had enough energy to continue my daily routines throughout the program. Super simple!

  16. The thought of doing a “cleanse” or “detox” always sounded scary to me…this program WORKS, and I love that it is designed to naturally remove impurities, still be easy on your body and includes real food each day to make sure you are getting vital nutrients, not just flushing your system.

  17. If you are debating on whether to start with the 21 Day Ultimate Reset or the 3-Day Refresh, just start with the former. Its a great kick-off to ridding bad eating habits. and it works!

  18. I’m not a firm believer of detoxing, but this is a great one. What I like about it, is that it not only detoxifies but at the end of the day you get to eat REAL FOOD! No starving, natural cleansing! Love Love Love..

  19. For me structure is key, when I have detailed instructions on what and when to eat, it is easier to stay on target! If you are looking for a kick start to your new healthy lifestyle check this out. Food is fuel!

  20. AWESOME Article!!! After two years of paying attention to my health, it’s amazing what I see and hear people trying when it comes to a detox.. week to month long detoxes where people basically starve themselves or juice with absolute no direction or guidance… I’ve personally done three three day detoxes (Refresh) in the past year with out starving myself and with an excellent nutrition plan.

  21. You know how when you really enjoy something or it works well for you, you want to SHARE it and TELL YOUR FRIENDS about it? This is one of those things. I did the 3 Day Refresh and lost 6# in 3 days. I was never hungry. I learned some clean eating tips. It is not intended to be a lifestyle – it’s only 3 days. You can do anything for 3 days. It will get you going in the right direction. What have you got to lose?

  22. This detox program sounds safe, gentle and non-taxing on my energy stores. One I can use after indulging in unhealthy eating habits all summer, and if I lose a few pounds, all the better. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Happy 4th!!!! Enjoy and be safe, You’ll need to detox after this great weekend! Picked up a few nuggets and I’ll be starting mine next week! Till then have a drink for me :))

  24. There are a ton of options out there for people when it comes to cleansing and detoxification and here is a GREAT article addressing a 3 day detox/cleanse… . 1. You get to actually eat real food; 2. You feel great and not sluggish while doing it, and 3. You get a visibly flatter tummy.(SCORE!!!)

  25. There are no short cuts to good health and fitness. At the same time, there are healthy ways to jump start that process – and this is one of them. With my recent hernia surgery, something like this helps until I’m able to get back to normal activity.

  26. So true that there is no way to easy way to being healthy. It takes commitment and perseverance. Great information on how to jump start your plan for health and wellness!!

  27. A lot of people ask me about “cleanses” and there are certainly a lot of them out there! After the holiday weekend or a summer vacation, you may be considering some type of cleanse to get focused and back on track. This article shows you a healthy option that works with your body rather than against it!

  28. Great explanation on the 3 Day Refresh and how it works alongside nutritional foods! Great to know you’re doing something healthy while cleansing your system.

  29. This article has some great information on a healthy way to cleanse or jump start your nutrition after a holiday weekend or summer parties. This is such a healthy option with great results!

  30. We constantly hear about cleanses to detox our bodies and lose weight. BUT are they healthy for us? This short article on cleansing tells you the right way to cleanse using the 3 Day Refresh. I lost 3.5 lbs in 3 days and felt great.

  31. I think this cleanse is what I am going to be doing after my high school reunion and 2 weeks at Piping Hot Summer Drummer! I think my body would appreciate a nurturing cleanse and it is only 3 Days long!!

  32. FANTASTIC Article!! I’ve been on this “healthy” journey for a couple of years now and what I keep hearing about detox, well it’s amazing…3 Days, week, month long detoxes where people are starving or drinking man-made stuff, well it’s confusing! I’ve done the 3-Day refresh and looking to do another one soon.

  33. I personally am not a fan of crash diets or detoxes . . . my roommate Rach and I tried to do a veggie only “cleanse” for a few days . . . Yeah I do believe we lasted 5 or 6 hours HA! So when this 3 Day Refresh came out I was a little skeptic, but I tried it last year and I actually finished 3 full days! I learned to really enjoy veggies. Perfect for a little kickstart into a workout program or as a way to finalize any results you have seen on your workout program.

  34. Awesome Article! Many ask me about detoxification, and if it is healthy for you. The fact is there are many detoxing methods out in the market, that are not healthy. The reason 3 Day Refresh is known by millions to be both healthy and successful, is the fact you are never starving your body. The program is set up to start you on a healthy fitness journey, by cleansing your body without depriving your body of what it needs. Now this is an article worth sharing!

  35. I have never been a fan of cleanses and detox, mainly because you have to starve yourself for 3 or 4 days. This is a great way to cleanse your body and still eat real food along with the yummy Shakeology shakes. I will definitely be doing this cleanse.

  36. Great article about cleansing or detoxing whether you are kick starting weight loss or healthy eating . You need to know the differences between fads or actual
    the healthy way to do it. This program has been used and a proven track record.

  37. This is a great way to detox your body without starving yourself, which I believe this is the best way. You provide your body with what it needs and allow it to do it’s job cleaning up.

  38. Cleansing and Detox with healthy food and whole food supplements is the only way I would recommend kick starting your health and fitness.

    Just losing weight is not really the goal. Get that out of your head. The real goal is to be healthy. Sure, you can lose weight with some cleanse that’s going to send you to the bathroom and make you sweat it out on the toilet. That’s not healthy. This article shares a great way to get your health under control and naturally drop some fat and inches in the process. I’m sharing this one with those you care about.

  39. I don’t think many people take the time to detox their body. With all the processed foods we eat and the bad air we breath I believe it’s good to get rid of all the toxins. This 3 Day Refresh sounds amazing and simple. Gonna share it with all my friends!

  40. Love the info in this article! This 3 day refresh is worth a try. I was always afraid to try one but now that I have information within this article I am going to really give it a go. I constantly am on the run and my body needs a tune up!

  41. I love the 3 day refresh! I focus on a healthy lifestyle but there are times when I feel like I can’t get my eating under control… I’m a snack-a-holic lol… sooooo, when that happens (or after vacation or not so healthy weekends), I do a 3 day refresh to get me back on track! It makes my belly feel SO good!

  42. I cant say enough, how CRUCIAL this is to a weight loss regiman. Or even just a FEEL GOOD REGIMAN!! If you want to jump start a weight loss, or to get off a plateau, or to just FEEL AMAZING!!! This is what you do! HANDS DOWN!!! I cant say enough Thank you for sharing this!!

  43. Great information. If you’re looking to kick start your health and fitness journey, this is a great place to begin. No starvation diet, you eat real food, and get real results.

  44. Would you like to lose a few pounds and cleanse your system in just 3 days? Many people want both of these benefits, which are available from Beachbody’s 3-Day Refresh. This is an excellent way to jump start a new workout program, or just to lose that bloated feeling of being a few pounds overweight. After successfully completing the 21-Day Ultimate Reset cleanse program, I think this is a great short-term option.

  45. Everyone has bouts where they over indulge. Even as a health and wellness professional, I have my bouts of over indulging as well. Sometimes that over indulgence can really throw you off track. Most people don’t know how to fix that problem. This article SHARES the best quick fix program on the market. I would never recommend another product. Everyone needs to check it out, and give it a try.

    Don’t forget to SHARE the love and pass this article on to others.

  46. Are you looking to kick start your weight loss? The 3 Day Cleanse may be the answer for you. It helps you flatten your stomach and fit into your clothes, while providing your body with vital nutrients.

  47. Just makes sense to me after all the cleanses I have done over the past 20 years. And always, always eat your fruit with some form of protein as I have told many who dont.

  48. Why not start off with a simple healthy 3-day detox-cleanse-start fresh-get the body ready-clean base- before starting into your next fitness push. this is a great option before you kick off that next phase in your fitness journey.

  49. This is such a great article about the 3-Day Refresh. It is so nice to know there is a healthy way to cleanse your body without starving yourself and that you can feel energized after 3 days! Thanks for the great information.

  50. A 3 Day Detox Cleanse is just that, to rid your body of the impurities. These toxins weren’t meant to be in our bodies not if you want a healthy life with all the energy you expect and deserve. Please read this Article and let me know what you think, Thank You.

  51. I was always a little scared about doing detox’s because I remember hearing in a nutrition class once that all it does is strip your body of it’s water. Now, that might have been true in the past, but I am GLAD that Beachbody has once again come to the rescue making something HEALTHY, not just about getting skinny!

  52. Every once in a while the body needs a tune up. The 3 day Detox is a great way to get your body back on track. This is a great article explaining how it works.

  53. As many of your may know, I am currently on day 3 of this program (the 3 Day Refresh). While I won’t lie to you, it’s not always easy, this program is a really great way to get rid of the BLOAT and give your body a little tune up/kick charge in just 72 hours. The best part about this plan is, you eat REAL FOOD. You may be limited in calories, but it’s all real food. Not just shakes, juices, or weird mixes with cayenne pepper, lemon juice or whatnot. Eventhough I complain when I’m on it… I love the results so much of the refresh!

  54. This is good information. I’ve read, watched and heard about “cleansing” fasts. I’ve always felt like they are very American inasmuch as they serve the short term with instant gratification and little effort. This sounds much better, being long term focused and filling you up at the same time.

  55. I personally try to use this every quarter, as it has given me energy, a 5 pound weight lose, I feel better and it jumps starts my next level in my weight lose journey. Great article!!

  56. Three is a point and time where everyoune just feels like crap. Detoxing and refreshing you body inside and out can fix that quickly! This article takes you on a journey to FIX that need! A must read and due for everyone! Thanks!

  57. So often the quick cleanses that are promoted are NOT healthy, all they do is deprive your body of food (and therefor nutrients) for a period of time, which isn’t going to be supportive of your body’s ability to rid it’s self of toxins.

    The program talked about in this article is truly a HEALTHY detox.

  58. Fasting and detoxing is all the rage now, but are these methods harmful or helpful? I know for me, sometimes I just need to reset and recreate that balance before starting the first day of the rest of my life! The article talks about a product that I have used and have gotten great results!

  59. I’ve actually refused to do any cleanses prior to this, because I’m breastfeeding and won’t do anything that could decrease my milk supply. I love that this is based on still eating complete balanced meals.

  60. There are no short cuts to good health and fitness. At the same time, there are healthy ways to jump start that process – and this is one of them. With my recent hernia surgery, something like this helps until I’m able to get back to normal activity.

  61. You know how when you really enjoy something or it works well for you, you want to SHARE it and TELL YOUR FRIENDS about it? This is one of those things. I did the 3 Day Refresh and lost 6# in 3 days. I was never hungry. I learned some clean eating tips. It is not intended to be a lifestyle – it’s only 3 days. You can do anything for 3 days. It will get you going in the right direction. What have you got to lose?

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