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5 Exercises to Give You an Ab Burn

5 Exercises to Give You an Ab Burn

If you are looking to get a great ab workout then you need to add these 5 Exercises to Give You an Ab Burn.

#1 – Stability Ball Plank
A plank on the ball is 30 percent harder than a regular plank.

Try the 3 minute stability ball plank challenge. Set a timer for 3 minutes and get in position. As soon as you start feeling fatigued, stop, rest for 15 seconds, and then get back in position.

Alternate between the Ball Plank and short rests for a full 3 minutes. Be sure to tally up the amount of time you spent in the Ball Plank. Then the next week try to beat that time. That challenge is a great way to make the exercise harder and for the time to fly by.

#2 – Stability Ball Rollout
This is one of the best ab exercises, and to make it harder and for more ab work, the key is to do a slow roll out. That will put your abs under a loaded stretch which cause your abs to really engage.

Now of course, you MUST train smart and conservatively…but if you are advanced, you can really extend this to about 5 seconds.

If you are an intermediate, don’t roll too far out, and take it really, really, really slow. You’ll get similar benefits.

5 Exercises to Give You an Ab Burn

#3 – L-Chin-up
Okay, this one is super advanced, but for all of the body weight lovers out there you will dig this one.

You are going to do a basic chin-up, and the hold it at the top position and do a leg raise to form an L. Do all your reps like this. At first it will be really tough, but your reps will increase big time after a couple of sessions.

#4 – Regular Plank
When doing a regular plank you want to do this one to failure. Especially nice after a hard upper body workout. I know what you’re thinking… how could a regular plank make your abs work that hard after the other suggestions?

Well, there’s a little trick to throw in that makes the difference. Doing the plank at the end of a really tough upper body workout when your arms are pumped and fatigued. This forces your abs to work extra hard, because it takes away a lot of the support that your arms give to a regular plank. So when your arms are tired and fatigued your abs have no other choice then to work. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Hold as long as you can with good form, rest 30-60 seconds, and repeat 2 to 3 times.

#5 – Strict Hanging Leg Raise and Leg Pike
Many people are familiar with the hanging leg raise. You might even have tried it. The one thing that most don’t realize is that you won’t get maximum results unless you do it with strict form.

So what makes good form? Eliminating momentum! Basically, don’t SWING your body and/or your legs. Instead, brace your abs as much as possible, start from a “dead hang” position and raise your legs with muscular control and without momentum.

To add the ab pike you’ll continue the movement to take your feet all the way to the bar. Super advanced, but give it a try as you get stronger.

5 Exercises to Give You an Ab Burn

5 Exercises to Give You an Ab Burn when done right will give you the ab strength you desire. Of course you must always remember that abs are really made in the kitchen with good nutrition. These exercises will enhance your efforts there.


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