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5-Steps to Beat Binge Eating

5-Steps to Beat the Binge 

5-Steps to Beat Binge Eating! We all have binged. You cannot deny it. Even though you have binged doesn’t mean that you can’t beat the bulge. When you binge you feel discouraged, and you should. You just binged. The difference in those who beat the bulge is they don’t let the discouragement last.

Follow these steps to beat the bulge and you will continue to see progress with your goals and on the scale.

5-Steps to Beat Binge Eating

1: Do Emotional Damage Control Right Away. Binge eating will create guilt, shame, worthlessness, and disgust. What you need to remember is that these are subconscious knee-jerk reactions. It is important that you recognize them, and catch yourself immediately! You can’t change the past or let your binge define you.

Here is what you need to do mentally and emotionally to jump right back in.

  • Re-frame your brain around the situation. One binge session is not going to tank all of your progress. Your weight is affected by how much you eat on average over a longer period of time.
  • Think of your binge as a mental growth opportunity. Use it to course correct yourself so you can continue on your path towards your goals. This is where journaling can come in handy. When you can look back on this moment with a clearer mind, you can gain more insight. from it. Write in your journal why you did it, what it make you felt in the moment of doing it, how you felt after, what purpose did it serve you.

2: Have a Trigger Nutrition Plan! What your binge of the large pepperoni pizza, and all the other excess calories, fat, refined carbs, and salt you feel bloated and tired. This is where a Trigger Nutrition Plan is important.

Get back on the healthy habits horse as soon as possible. Resume an appropriately portioned, balanced diet. If you kick off your post-binge meal with a trigger plan that has plenty of fruits, vegetables, and water within a day or two you will be feeling back to normal. With most trigger plans you may want to slate about two to three days of a solid meal plan in place that is mostly veggies, fruit, and water. The Beachbody 3-Day Refresh program is a great trigger program as it is 3 days and provides all the right nutrients to reset the digestive system.

5-Steps to Beat Binge Eating

3: Exercise! Get your sweat the next day. Even better, do extra. Adding an extra 20-30 minutes from what your normally do can really get things moving along. This will get the excess glycogen stores from your binge busting in as fuel and burning off. The key here is to keep in mind that exercise is so you can be a healthier you. It is not to earn extra calories for food and binge eating.

4: Be Proactive! The truth is, you may binge again. So embrace the truth and work on ways to safeguard yourself from the next binge. Notice the warning signs. Instead of reaching for a tray of Oreos, reach deep down inside and figure out why you have a desire to binge or choose poorly.

Oftentimes, binging is a coping mechanism for something else both physically and emotionally.

Other proactive steps are; don’t keep binge foods in the house, have an accountability partner you can call, work on developing other activities that you go do when you want to binge.

Don’t forget you can always seek coaching from a health and nutrition professional. The most successful people have a coach for every aspect of their lives.

Loosen up your diet. Every few weeks, go out and have a meal that isn’t normally in your nutrition regimen. A healthy nutrition lifestyle should allow you to enjoy foods without guilt. Just be mindful of what you are doing when eating. Mindful eating helps you learn the difference between physical hunger and emotional arousal.

The last part of the 5-Steps to Beat Binge Eating is Be Kind to Yourself!
Losing weight and getting to a healthier is a journey. Healthy eating for life is more about moderation, balance, and quality.  With time, you will progress and learn more about what will and won’t work for your body. So Be Kind to Yourself!


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