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6 Ways to Start A Spring Exercise Plan

6 Ways to Start A Spring Exercise Plan

6 Ways to Start A Spring Exercise Plan! As the warmer weather starts creeping in most people start jumping onto the treadmill, putting in miles outdoors, or taking on strength training in an effort to get results before summer.

Getting into a comfortable fitness routine can be difficult without the right mindset and tools for success. With that said, the first thing you need to do is ditch the fad diet. You have done the fad diets in the past and look where its gotten you. Right back here. So follow these guidelines to shed that winter weight and truly hit your goals.

6 Ways to Start A Spring Exercise Plan

1. Create a realistic, achievable plan. To achieve results that will last, start with small changes. Incorporating small changes into your diet, and consistently over time will allow you to form healthy habits and stick with them.

2. Get Educated. If you don’t really know what you are doing, you cannot possible get results. If you don’t know how to fix your car, you will hire some one to do it. Same premise with your fitness. If you don’t know how to do it, you need to hire someone.

3. Take it Day by Day. It takes time to create habits. During your first two weeks simply follow an effective exercise plan or make some changes in nutrition. Then add something else during weeks 3 and 4. As you continue to do one thing and add others you will see success.

4. Track Your Progress. Understanding what you’re eating, when you are eating, how you’re exercising and what you are doing is key to identifying what is really working for your body and what is not.

This will also allow you to look at what you have accomplished. After one month, look at your first week and see how far you’ve come! Success will be your best motivation to keep going.

6 Ways to Start A Spring Exercise Plan

5. Set up a Reward for Reaching your Monthly Goals. Motivation is the key to success, and finding healthy, effective ways to stay focused on your exercise plan is the best way to see results. Setting a goal like a best a vacation, a new outfit, or a spa day are great healthy rewards.

6. Don’t be discouraged! Although getting healthy and fit can seem overwhelming, the smallest changes to your routine will help. You don’t have to be perfect, you just need to be consistent.

Park in a further parking spot or take a walk during your lunch break. Instead of heading straight to the weights at the gym, take a fun class to get you in the swing of fitness. Plan an active night with friends instead of going out to dinner. Small yet effective changes will lead to the results you’ve always wanted if you just stay motivated!

Now that the weather’s starting to warm up a little bit, you might be thinking about getting into a good, solid exercise plan. Using these 6 Ways to Start A Spring Exercise Plan and taking it day by day, tracking your progress, rewarding yourself, and remaining positive, will get you to an even healthier you this spring and summer!

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