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Ab Drills That Don’t Suck

Ab Drills That Don’t Suck

Ab Drills That Don’t Suck and that you should implement in your quest to tighten up your midsection. Focus on these essential and prepare to be amazed. Of course, there’s always a burn when doing ab exercises. If its not burning your not working.

Prioritize better ab training, and do it right to create the results you are looking to obtain. Pick two of these seven drills, and do each of them twice a week in separate workouts. Switch to two different moves every month. Once you have gone through all the moves pair them up differently and repeat the same pattern.

Ab Drills That Don’t Suck

Toes To Bar: This exercise can be scaled to almost any level of ability. Hang from a bar and pick the version you can start with. The easiest version is to use bent knees when pulling up and bringing them back down. The next step is to use bent knees on the way up and straight legs on the way down. The final version is straight legs in both directions.

Single-Arm Farmer’s Walk: The single-arm farmer’s walk is an anti-flexion movement. This means that as you walk, a number of your core muscles will work to prevent you from toppling over. Use a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell, and walk with holding your body in good posture. Then switch hands and return the same distance.

Ab Drills That Don’t Suck

Medicine-Ball Slams: This is probably on of the most under-utilized tool abdominal exercise. Take the medicine-ball and slam it on the floor. Pick up the ball with both hands, reach up over your head, and aggressively slam the ball into the floor again. This explosive movement places strong demands on your abdominal muscles. Plus, it also works the lats and hip flexors.

Reverse Trunk Twists: This is a great oblique exercise rotational power. It does take a bit of skill and patience. Lay on your back, put both legs to the right and left, keeping a 90-degree angle between your legs and torso.

Put these Ab Drills That Don’t Suck into your workout regimen and you will make some serious strides in your core strength and find it a lot easier to perform other exercises.


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