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Daily Protein Requirements for Men and Women

What are the Daily Protein Requirements for Men and Women? The average man in the United States consumes about 100 grams of protein per day, while the average woman takes in approximately 70 grams, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The amount of protein you need daily really is dependent on your gender and activity level, as well as your goals because this determines your total caloric intake which has an effect on the amount of protein you need to consume.

Daily Protein Requirements for Men and Women

The Institute of Health and Nutrition finding is that for general health, men should get around 56 grams of protein per day and that women should get around 46 grams. It is also important to know that the human body cannot properly utilize more than 20 grams of protein in one consumption. Therefore the grams should be spread out throughout the day in smaller doses. When consuming protein it needs to be of higher quality to ensure that you are getting the nine essential amino acids that are needed but your body cannot produce on its own. Meat, fish and poultry provide all of the amino acids, but if you are a vegetarian, you can combine foods, such as rice and beans, or whole-grain bread and peanut butter, to get a complete array of amino acids. Shakeology which is a total nutrition shake, will also provide all the nutrients you need from the protein to the amino acids. Including this shake in your daily nutrition will help you reach your protein needs without overloading the body with hard to digest animal proteins.

It is also recommended that 10 to 30 percent of your total calories comes from protein. This guideline is general and is dependent on goals. Example: 1,800 calories per day, 180 to 540 of those calories should be from protein. Each gram of protein is 4 calories. This would put your consumption at 45 to 135 grams of protein. This proves why it is dependent on gender, activity level, and personal goals.

Most People Get Too Much Protein
To avoid weight gain, water retention and extra wear and tear on your digestive system, do not take in more protein than recommended. Your body will only use the protein it needs and can process at one time. If you are consuming more than your body needs you will either store it as excess fat or eliminate it. Therefore consuming too much at one time is bad for your body and a waste of money.

Eating large amounts of meat and animal protein each day can be especially unhealthy and hard on the body. Animal products should be eaten in moderation. Plant-based proteins, such as beans, whole grains and legumes are choices that keep the protein levels where you want them and provide a lot of other nutrients. Of course eating a variety of protein sources ensures your body balanced nutrition with all the essential amino acids and prevents it from being bogged down when there is too much of one food item.

Best Result with Your Protein Consumption
Most people don’t realize this, but the muscle gains and recovery do not come from just protein. You need to have a balanced proportion of proteins with complex carbohydrates for your body to actually assimilate the protein for muscle gains and recovery. Therefore you need to consume protein in small amounts, keeping the total grams in one sitting to no more than 20, and include carbohydrates that will optimize protein utilization. This is why we mention plant-based protein sources, as they provide both protein and carbohydrates.

If you are looking at supplements for help getting good protein and carbohydrates you want to use something that is natural and does not have additives or artificial sugars and ingredients. Two of the best sources of high quality supplements are the superfood shake Shakeology, and Beachbody’s Recharge and Recover Protein from their Performance Nutrition Line. These products are clean, high quality protein sources that are perfectly balanced with carbohydrates for optimal assimilation of the protein and super nutrient dense carbohydrates to aid in the process of muscle gain and recovery. When you are providing your body the proper macronutrient quantities, you will get the greatest results. Too much or too little will keep you from having the gains and results you are looking to obtain.

With the knowledge of protein requirements and overall balanced nutrition, great things will happen for you.



  1. Protein is so important for my athletes and clients but they don’t always know how much they should consume each day – this article spells that out really well !!

  2. I never knew how important it is to get enough daily protein in my life. Or even whether I was getting too much. You need protein for just about every function in your body, from brain cell communications to building up muscle mass. Great article. Check it out.

  3. Wow I really needed this article! I know your supposed to have protein in your diet but I really never knew exactly how much protein you need. This explains it so that everyone can understand it easily and we can get an adequate amount daily!

  4. Up until a few months ago I had no idea how protein deficient I was…. All I ate was carbs, smothered in cheese with a side of carbs…. mmmm carbs!!!
    I started to notice as I fueled my body with smaller meals throughout the day, of protein, complex carbohydrates, and vegetables my body started running like a clean machine! My body began to recover faster from workouts and my muscles started to show!
    this article gave me exact numbers I should be trying to hit for protein consumption!

  5. I appreciate the content in this article, as it helps inform me for my journey to health and wellness for myself and others. I know that I need to eat well, but this average Joe needs to inform herself for all of her choices, and this article gives me more of this education I want in an easy to read article.

  6. Wow -Paleo? Vegan? Zone?
    There is SO much information and SO many opinions about how to balance micro-nutrients (Carbs/Fat/Protein) in our diet. This is a super helpful article about what is adequate protein, and
    how to focus on quality as much as quantity!

  7. I never knew how important it is to have certain amount of protein in your diet daily. Come to find out Men and Women needs different amount of protein in their diet daily. Had to share that with you my friends.

  8. Mind Blown! This article is awesome. I know that you have to have protein But this helps break it down on how much. Often the understanding of what someone should have in terms of carbs and protein post workout can make people a little crazy. So knowing this when choosing a post workout product or just their daily meal plan in general …This article helps a TON! check it out and share it with your fitness pals. What do you think? how much protein do you use in a day?

  9. Protein!!! I know my body thrives on lean animal protein, but not everyone is like that! While the daily protein “number” is different for everyone, it is still a vital part of daily fuel whether animal or plant based, so what are the best proteins for you and what is the best way to incorporate them into your daily nutrition? This article has some great tips on protein!

  10. With so many contradictory pieces of information out there, this particular read really lays it all out there and brings up many valid points. My takeaways are to remember that not one size fits all, your protein requirements dependant on your gender, weight and activity level. Also, quality is important- so don’t cheap-out on the ingredients that you put in your body. Getting the essential amino acids and having a balanced nutrition is all part of the road to good health.

  11. It’s interesting to note that on average, most men get twice as much protein as they need and women get about 1/3 more. Lifestyle changes really can reduce and even reverse many common diseases/ailments. I highly recommend reading and understanding the information in this article.

  12. What a fantastic article on this question of protein intake! and to break it down for men and women! main thing I learned, was it has to be of higher quality protein…can’t get away with poor money saving protein…its either higher quality or its “make believe” thanks for great post GFT!

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  18. Love my Shake-O in the morning.
    Gives my body and brain clean high quality protein sources, balanced with nutrient dense carbohydrates that are perfectly balanced for optimal assimilation! This is a great article to share for best personal results and goals.

  19. I can attest to consuming way too much caffeine and the negative affects it can have on your body. At times I still consume too much but I have decreased the amount I consume and it has made a difference on my weight, my mood, and my energy levels. I still sometimes make the mistake of drinking more because I think I need it to keep going. This article is on point and gives great facts and ideas to curb your caffeine kick.

  20. Is too much protein unhealthy? I’ve overheard people go “I need more protein” when truly they could be overdoing it. Whether it’s plant or animal based, it’s protein levels aren’t the same for everybody even if from the same gender. Also, our bodies need a little of everything. While this might not work for everybody, throughout the daily routine it’s helped me simplify it all instead of measuring and this article while breaking it down pretty nicely offers some of the solutions that I’ve adopted.

  21. Great information about protein consumption and how important it is to have a good balance. This is just another reason why I love Shakeology…it has the perfect balance of everything that my body needs to perform optimally everyday.

  22. Excellent article about protein intake amounts, types and requirements. A work in progress to maintain the intake that I require. Definitely something you want to keep track of. I used to try and achieve my protein intake goal the first half of the day. I realize that I have been wasting a lot of that. Now I attempt to space it out during the day. One of my fav articles!

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    Thanks for the article GFT.

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    Most of us know how important protein is to your diet and the benefits you gain from protein. But this article breaks it down for men & women, amount to consume, how to consume it and the difference in type and quality of protein.

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  40. It is unfortunate that the supplement companies have skewed the thinking of most people and made them believe that they need 100 or more grams of protein each day. It also is hard for me to grasp how these companies have also gotten people to consume protein shakes and eat meals that have 40, 50, 60 or more grams of protein per consumption.

    When consuming that much protein you are not getting the benefits, and you are wasting money! There is so much science that has shown us the levels of protein that the body can process appropriately at one time. Yet, I see so often

  41. This is a good article that explains why we need a certain amount of protein, and why too much is bad. Last December, I tested too low for protein (protein deficiency). This is probably because I am a vegan. I do drink two Vegan Shakeologies per day which helps me lose weight and fight disease (see 100 Doctors Shakeology video on YouTube), but Shakeology alone doesn’t provide me with enough protein. I also need protein from whole foods during the day. So, my doctor asked me to try eggs, which solved the problem. Really, this article is about what you eat. So by changing my eating habits, I changed my protein levels, and that is healthy. I realize most people have the other problem of too much protein, but if one would modify your foods consistent with this article, you will be in much better health.

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