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Don’t Cut Yourself Short!

Don’t Cut Yourself Short!

How often do you find yourself cutting your workouts short, or cutting out a set, or lowering your reps? Don’t Cut Yourself Short!

You may think cutting your workouts short, or cutting out a set, or lowering the number of reps you do doesn’t matter or sound like it might be a problem… But it is a problem! It is not just a problem for your health and wellness goals. This cut it short attitude can often carry over in other areas of life.

Don’t Cut Yourself Short!

Cutting Yourself Short is cheating yourself in health and wealth. Why do you do this? Have you asked yourself?

It is time for YOU to stop cheating yourself. Don’t Cut Yourself Short! Stop cheating, and start creating true health and wealth in your life. Your Health is your Wealth! If you cheat your health, you are cheating your life. Take a look around and I am sure there are other areas that you are selling yourself short.

When we have good health both mentally and physically it will carry over into all aspects of your life.

Of course most people will tell you the answer is simple…”Stop ending sets and workouts early.” Of course we know that you can say that, but most won’t put it into action. So how do we change and execute?

Don’t Cut Yourself Short!

Let’s start with something simple. How about you think about why you decided to do the workout in the first place. What is your reason? Some people may want to be able to play with their children, look better in public, feel better in their own skin, or complete a half-marathon or other event, but what is YOUR reason? Let me repeat myself…WHAT IS YOUR REASON? Don’t just read on…Seriously, What is YOUR Reason? Write it down. Think about it. Own it!

Now that you have given it some thought and you have shifted your thoughts to WHY you first decided to do the workout, you need to focus on another part of the process of change. This part is Dedication. No I am not simply talking about just being dedicated to your workout. I am talking about creating a dedication that can help you create success within your workout. Yes dedicate yourself, but why not dedicate your workouts to an important person in your life? This way if you fail to succeed in your workouts, you are ‘failing’ your dedicated person.

These are only a few tips, but they can really help keep you honest DURING your workout. If you read this far, chances are you have struggled with finishing each set fully, each workout completely, or completing an exercise plan in the past. Choose you and Don’t Cut Yourself Short!

You hear about being consistency equals results. Well that is completely true! If you need a bit more accountability to help you stop the habit of cutting yourself short, and to keep motivated create a FREE Account, and I will be your coach!

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    this article shared some simple ideas to keep me from cutting myself short.. Never going to cut a workout short again…

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