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Eating Healthy On A Budget – Yes, It is Possible!

Eating healthy on a budget may often feel like an impossible challenge when you start walking through the grocery store. You look at the cost of healthy food, and start to wonder whether or not it’s really worth it. It is worth it, and YOU can eat healthy on a budget. You can fill your shopping cart with food that will fuel your mind and body without breaking the bank. The trick is to know how to do it.

Eating Healthy On A Budget – Yes, It is Possible!

Here are a couple tips to get you headed in the right direction.

  1. Have vegetarian days. Reduce the amount of meat you’re eating. When you reduce your meat consumption, you also reduce the amount of money that you’re spending, which in turn frees up funds in your budget for other healthy choices.
  1. Don’t buy pre-packaged food if you can avoid it. The healthiest nutrition is one that consists of natural, whole foods that have been acquired in their original state. That “fat free” or “low fat” packaged foods might be tempting, but they are packed full of artificial colors and flavors, not to mention being high in sodium and high in chemical compositions that you cannot even pronounce. You will be surprised by the budget difference when you pick up the individual ingredients for your favorite healthy treats instead of buying them ready-made for you. A good example is a container of hummus that costs around $4 can be made from a can of low-sodium beans ($1) and a handful of other ingredients that you may already have sitting around your home. Ready-to-serve oatmeal packets cost twice as much per serving than if you buy a big canister of oatmeal and sweeten it with honey. Plus it is just flat out healthier for you.
  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables. The high fiber content of most fruits and vegetables will actually help you feel full longer, which means that you’ll be less likely to come back and snack later. By adding fruits and vegetables to your nutrition, you not only decrease the amount that you’re eating, you also substantially increase your consumption of healthy nutrients that your body needs to function at its optimal level.
  1. Explore alternative sources of protein. Try out nut butters, beans, and Tempeh for healthier alternatives to eating large amounts of meat. Beans and Tempeh, in particular, are much less expensive but still have great nutritional benefits.

There are plenty of ways to stay within your budget and eat healthy. These are just a few strategies you can use to reduce your total at the grocery store.

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  1. Thank you for the great ideas and suggestions. It saddens me that so many people are living with the perception that eating clean and healthy has to be more expensive. When we plan ahead, invest a little bit of time in preparation and packing meals we can not only eat better but also live within a tight budget!

  2. ALot of people done eat healthy becaause they feel it is going to be way over the budget so I was glad to see this article is giving more ideas on how to still stay within your budget but eating healthy! We need have more people stop having processed foods and start eating healthier so thanks so much for this article!

  3. YES, YES, YES!!! You CAN eat healthy on a BUDGET! Please read these tips on how to go grocery shopping and save a little money while you’re still buying healthy foods! So many people ask this question!!

  4. Growing up in a Latino family, it was always rice, beans and some sort of meat/chicken. It was always fried, in Corn oil, and boy was it good! haha But being older and wiser I know I can’t eat like that. It’s just not good for me, Plus it does get costly. After reading this, I am going to try the Vegetarian nights, for my family and I. My heart and body will feel lighter, and my wallet will get fatter with all the money I can save! Yessss!

  5. This article is great because many people say it’s way more expensive to eat healthier, if you ditch the packaged foods and use more plant based foods like it suggested eating healthier is very doable for a healthy family!

  6. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they can’t eat healthy because they can’t afford it. These are some great tips on how to stick to your budget while also eating healthy food!

  7. I love the idea of going meatless occasionally. I try to have one meal a day be meat free and it really makes me feel great about the choices I’m making for the health of myself and the planet

  8. I truly believe people that eat unhealthy spend TONS of money on unnecessary food. People that eat healthy though, usually eat home, spend less money on junk food and less money on trips to the restaurants!

  9. I hear a lot of people say “I can’t afford to eat healthy.” I noticed right away that I was actually SAVING money by eating healthy! There are some great tips in this article about how to eat healthy on a budget!

  10. This post has really helped me make some great changes in my shopping trips! I especially like the advice about skipping meats once in awhile..Thanks for a great post! passing this along!

  11. I’ll be the first to admit, I thought eating healthy was more expensive… WHAT was I thinking?? This is a great way to show what a little time and planing can do!

  12. Clients say all the time that they can’t afford to eat healthy. I always say, that is not true. There is always a way to eat healthy no matter what the budget. This was a great article to get people thinking and on the right track to healthy eating while maintaining their budget.

  13. I use to think that eating healthy was expensive until I started shopping at the right kinds of stores and watching weekly adds. So when I read this article I was impressed with all the helpful tips. I loved sharing it with people who calm they can’t afford to eat healthy. No excuses!!

  14. Manny people believe in other to eat healthy you have to spend tons of money ,this article explains that is not the case, very useful information. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Great tips on this article! Shopping on mostly on the outside aisles instead of inside definitively helps not only the budges, but also the family’s health. Clean eating is absolutely an option for anyone and I feel it’s a matter of changing habits.

  16. Here is a Great article to SHARE about saving on costs while trying to stick to a healthy diet. We all know the grocery budget gets bigger bigger as our families grow. Here are a few suggestions to help make healthy eating easier on the budget. I know our family will be trying tip #1.

  17. Great article! The simplest way to save money is to make your own meals. Eating dinner out at a restaurant two times can blow the whole food budget, plus you can always make healthier meals at home.

  18. Shopping the outside of the grocery store for live foods, and avoiding ‘Death-Valley’ (the isles in the middle has been my best strategy for staying on my budget AND focusing on healthier choices!

  19. Definitely possible to eat healthy on a budget – we’ve been feeding our family of 6 clean, whole foods, mostly organic for 2 years on a budget!

  20. Great article. It’s true that skipping the processed foods and opting for produce instead is healthier and more cost effective. I think many people fail to realize just how much junk like soda’s, crackers, and candy they stuff in their grocery carts. Focus on these simple tips and it’s absolutely feasible to eat healthy without breaking the bank.

  21. Great read! YES, processed foods are not welcome at my house! Went to the store yesterday – all fresh (minus tuna), spent $127 it will feed my family of four every meal the entire week…Don’t take it all on at once start one week at a time, one day at a time, one meal at a time! Not only will your family thank you, your body, skin, hair will thank you as well

  22. Little choices made over time add up to big savings – not only for your budget but for for your body, too. This article has 4 common sense ideas on how you can eat better and save money at the same time. I like #1 best, and they all tie together.

  23. Happy Monday Friends, How many of us hear that eating healthy is too expensive ? Guess what ? That is a myth , and the simplest adjustments in your diet can make a huge difference .

  24. There are many, many ways to pinch and save when first learning to eat healthy. I’m SHARING this article which has some AWESOMELY simple ways to really impact your wallet and your body.

    I would love to hear some other great ways that you may have found that SAVE MONEY.

  25. I was given a health tip years ago that I still live by today – stay to the outside perimeter of the grocery store. When you load up with fresh fruits and veggies it is amazing how much food you come away with for the price. Great ideas in this article on how to keep the grocery bill in check… Vegetarian night is brilliant!

  26. These are some great tips for eating healthy without breaking the bank. The long-term savings on healthcare and added quality of life are definite bonuses to making the change to eating healthy. A little forethought and prep work go a long way.

  27. I love this article and can so relate to it! I used to think it was hard to eat healthy because going to the grocery store and seeing the high prices was very daunting, but this article shows that it can be done!

  28. Eating healthy doesn’t have to cost more! This article gives a few ideas on how to eat healthy on a budget. You might also be surprised how much you might be saving on visits to the doctor!

  29. If know me.. I am always looking for ways to save and stay within our weekly grocery budget! Another thing that helps me is creating a meal plan for the week so I only purchase exactly the ingredients we will need for those meals! I do make room in my budget for meat though… I LOVE to get my protein through meat 😉

  30. Your body is your biggest investment and with these money saving tips it’s a great way to get started on your journey if you haven’t already!! Reminds me I should go eat more peanut butter right meow! Hehe Thank you I really enjoy the posts on this blog!!

  31. This is an amazing article because its a huge excuse that people always throw at me. They say they don’t know how people can afford to eat healthy and that it is so expensive. The hummus noted in the article made me laugh because I actually made my own for the first time last week and couldn’t believe how cheap it was!! IT IS POSSIBLE LADIES AND GENTS!!

  32. As someone who lives on a budget and likes to eat healthy, this article does a great job showing that eating healthy does not have to mean spending a lot of money!I now find that when I am eating off my regular meal plan I tend to spend more money than when I plan out my meals for the week and buy just what I need. I used to spend tons of money on take out because I didn’t plan ahead. Thanks for these great tips!

  33. It’s a common misconception that it costs too much to eat healthy. An easy cop out for people who really don’t want to change. This article proves that. Good job.

  34. I agree with this article and I like the practical suggestions I read. We eat beans and tempeh occasionally as a budget extender and they have definitely added some variety to our diet.

  35. One of the biggest excuses I hear for not eating healthy is that is costs too much. Consider it a trade…stop buying all the processed bags and boxes of food and use the money to buy fruits and vegetables.

  36. I LOVED this article about eating healthy on a budget so much that I just couldn’t keep it to myself. I am a professional dancer, so money is extremely tight, but my livelihood DEPENDS on having a strong and healthy body that can keep up with the demands of my career, and to be able to pursue my passion. That means loving my body enough to feed it the fuel it need…while still not breaking my bank 😉

  37. I think eating healthy is not only good for your body but good for your bank account too! I find I spend less when I eat healthy – partly because I’m not buying all that crap from the grocery store. Some great tips in this article!

  38. WOW – great suggestions to help a person save some money while eating healthy. I have not yet tried to make my own hummus but think I will this weekend… Take a look at this article!!!!

  39. Is it possible to eat HEALTHY and on a budget? I buy 85% organic and spend between $35-$50 a week on groceries for one person. Here are some simple TRICKS to get your grocery bill down and body lean. SHARING is CARING 🙂

  40. Interesting information. Wish parents would take the time to make simple meals for kids and send them to school with healthy meals. We need healthy kids! AND they deserve to be healthy!

  41. Eating healthier is definetely better in the long run. I have actually saved money in my grocery bill staying away from all the processed food and junk food by replacing with healthier food. I also shop around for sales!!!Great article and tips for those just getting started.

  42. Finally, and article that clears up the myth that eating healthy has to be expensive. Great article to SHARE to help friends and family learn ways for healthy eating and saving money.

  43. I was one of those that thought I could not afford to eat healthy as a single Mom. I have learned that I am worth it and anything is possible if you budget it. Great tips!

  44. Love these tips! I think they are great for people who are looking to change their eating habits, and adopt a healthy lifestyle, but are unsure of where to start!

  45. There are plenty of ways to stay within your budget and eat healthy. These are just a few ways to cut your cost at the store. Please read, as this maybe of help for you and your pocket book…

  46. I hear it all the time, “it’s expensive to eat healthy”. I agree, it can seem difficult, however, when you know what good nutrition is, it’s really not that hard. Thanks for the tips. I will share.

  47. Had to share this article because it really is possible to eat healthy on a budget and have great tasting food everyday. I share tips like these all of the time with people who struggle with what to eat. Give these suggestions a try and see what happens to your budget and your tastebuds!

  48. I love the idea of a meatless day! I try to always buy meat at a discount (got chicken for 50% off today!) and then stock up and freeze it! Having meatless days or eating the correct portion of meat really helps save $$$! Try to think of packaged foods as paying for the box/plastic bag etc – why pay for boxes, you can’t eat that!

  49. Wow ! Great info in this article on eating healthy on a budget ! I used to always blow my food budget at the market trying to be healthy. I’m a single guy and not the best shopper around. But this article gave me some helpful tips to save some money and still eat healthy.

  50. Little choices made over time add up to big savings – not only for your budget but for for your body, too. This article has 4 common sense ideas on how you can eat better and save money at the same time. I like #1 best, but they all tie together.

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