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Exercise Progressions to Avoid Boredom and Bust Through Plateaus

Exercise Progressions to Avoid Boredom and Bust Through Plateaus

Exercise Progressions to Avoid Boredom and Bust Through Plateaus is a necessity for everyone. Just simply adjusting the weight load and have various levels for changing the exercise is not enough to keep you moving in the direction of results. The more you mix things up the better. Your workout regimen should change every 60-90 days and have multiple variables with that time frame that establishes changes each week with the sequence and what exercises are being done. When this happens within the workout regimen it creates Exercise Progressions to Avoid Boredom and Bust Through Plateaus.

Exercise Progressions to Avoid Boredom and Bust Through Plateaus

Load of the Exercise
I know, we just said simply changing the load isn’t enough. Well, that is true but this most obvious exercise progression does need to happen throughout your workout plan’s time frame. On resistance workouts a little more weight should be added every 2-3 weeks to make the exercise harder.

Load can even be changed when doing body weight exercises. The load for body weight exercises is changed when you change up angles and/or body positions. Example: Decline Push up – Doing the push up with your feet on a bench. This changes the center of gravity therefore changing the load.

Base of Support
The base is established by the position of your body or feet. When adjust the body or foot position by narrowing or widening, adding or reducing the points of contact on the ground the support you provide through the exercise changes. When support is greater the exercise is easier, the less support the harder the exercise. Example: A parallel stance versus a staggered or split stance. Squats are in a parallel stance and lunges are in a staggered stance. Squats are easier to complete.

Tempo of the Exercise
Changing tempo is a great progression for resistance and cardio exercise. Tempo is simply adjusting the speed of the exercise. You can increase or decrease the speed to change the exercise. Change a regular push up into a Plyo push up, or a regular push up on the down and then a 3 second eccentric up or vice versa. You could even add isometric holds or pauses to increase the intensity of an exercise.

Combination Moves
Combining two exercises or movements together to make one exercise really challenges the body. This increased metabolic demand known as Metabolic Conditioning has been found to increase results and metabolic burn. Example: Pair squats with the shoulder press, or back rows with a Deadlift.

Another aspect of combination moves is adding more movements to an exercise. Adding movements to an exercise can create an instability that requires increased muscle recruitment. This added muscle recruitment due to the need to stabilize increases the body’s strength, power, mobility, and more. Example: Instead of a simple squat swing, the exercise would be a side stepping squat swing.

Up the Skill Level
Increasing the skill level is great way to progress a movement. So what increases a skill level? Being able to perform an exercise using different equipment. Example: Using a Sandbag instead of dumbbells during an exercise, or even using your body weight with an exercise such as doing back row while in the plank position (Renegade Rows).

Exercise Progressions to Avoid Boredom and Bust Through Plateaus

These Exercise Progressions to Avoid Boredom and Bust Through Plateaus will help you create limitless options during training and keep you busting through plateaus. If you struggle with developing programs for yourself that have these types of progressions, you may want to look at On-Demand Fitness. The programs offered are high quality and have all the progressions you need built into the workout calendar, each workout, and exercise.

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