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Giving The Gift of Health and Fitness

Finding the perfect holiday gift for your friends, family, and loved ones is paramount. Giving the Gift of Health and Fitness can be popular since many people have self-imposed deadlines of January 1st as the unofficial day of fitness redemption. Whether the recipient is a diehard fitness enthusiast, a novice exerciser, or a weekend warrior, Giving the Gift of Health and Fitness can be exciting to see when gifts are exchanged.

Check out the suggestions below to help you with your search for the perfect fitness gift that will bring Joy to the recipient, but also you for Giving the Gift of Health and Fitness.

Giving The Gift of Health and Fitness

Workout Clothes

You can’t go wrong with fitness clothes, just make sure you get the size right. Fitness clothing has come a long way. There are hundreds of options offering their unique twist on comfort, technology, and convenience. A lot of the clothing also offers options for carrying phones, cash, and keys.

At Home Fitness Programs

Time is the biggest excuse as to why people don’t workout. Using at-home fitness programs can take away the time factor and make it possible. Especially if you are using high quality programs like P90X3, 21 Day Fix, Insanity Max30, 21 Day Fix Extreme and more. These programs provide workouts that can be completed in 30 minutes or less, and provide guaranteed results.

On-Demand Fitness Programming

Again going back to time. With on-demand programs you can work out anywhere and anytime. The best value for On-Demand Fitness is Beachbody On-Demand. For only $12 a month you get over $3,000 worth of fitness programing, nutrition plans, workout and nutrition tracking, a FREE Coach, and so much more. Plus, it gives the recipient the ability to save 10% on all other product that they decide to purchase.

Trigger Point Roller

Trigger Point Rollers are great therapy for people who work out frequently or are just starting out. It will help them to massage their muscles enabling them to move more freely and efficiently, while improving overall performance.

Performance Nutrition Supplements

Having performance nutrition products will aid in getting the best results from each workout, and a lot of times helps keep people going by reducing soreness. Using high quality performance nutrition can help people get through the toughest workouts and crush their goals. The Beachbody Performance Nutrition Line is taking the supplement industry by storm…and turning it on its head. If you want to give the very best performance nutrition this holiday season you will want to give Beachbody Performance Nutrition.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

This is a super cool gift for the novice to the experienced exerciser. No more wires running down your side or back as you are trying to be active. Plus, all wireless headphones sync to android and iPhones, as well as other mp3 devices. This is a great gift idea for all fitness levels.

Giving The Gift of Health and Fitness


Not everyone is ready to hit the New Year running with exercise. Some people you have on your list will want to start with just some simple nutrition changes. Shakeology is a total nutrition shake that has been clinically proven to aid in weight loss, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood sugar levels and more. It is not only for people who need to lose weight. This shake is everyone’s daily dose of dense nutrition. Give the gift of total nutrition with Shakeology, which comes in four flavors, and two vegan flavors.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffer ideas can include athletic socks, water bottles, shaker cups, lip balm, headbands, yoga mats, sports bags, gift cards and so much more. Remember, little things mean a lot.

Giving the Gift of Health and Fitness is not only just about giving gifts, it is about giving what’s really the most important thing you could give… Health. Without our health we don’t have anything. Plus, you can always start a family and friends’ accountability group to keep everyone going all year long.

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  1. It’s the gift-giving time of year. What do you get that hard-to-buy-for person? Here are some ideas for the Gift of Health and Fitness. New Years is right around the corner, a time for fitness redemption from the gluttony of the holidays.

  2. Here are some ideas to get you started in giving yourself or someone you care about the gift of health this year. Let me know how I can help make 2016 the healthiest year yet for you and those who you love!

  3. I started giving fitness gifts to friends and family last year and it went over very well. I’ll be doing it again this year. There is no better gift than Health and sharing fun fitness products that will help people with their NY resolutions and lifestyle is perfect.

  4. Turning the Beachbody back-office store into a Gift giving supply arena is the perfect Christmas and holiday idea. So many great gifts to help out our friends and loved ones.

  5. My Christmas wish is that you are all healthy, wealthy, and wise. To me that is the best Christmas gift for your friends, family, and loved ones. This article provides some great ideas for how you can do that, thank you!

  6. love the bluetooth idea! I just started using BOD at the gym and decided to implement a bluetooth device…now I can listen only to the trainer talking to me not the people next to me talking for 15 minutes not working out! LOL. Love this post and now sharing it! lets hope more people decide on a “fitness gift” to give this year!

  7. When you care enough, you share enough. Give them the Gift of getting their own Health back in order. Just think of how meaningful this “gift” really is. Help someone, or yourself, and turn the bad health into a life benefiting from excellent health!!!!

  8. There is no better gift than health and fitness for the holidays! With the New Year fast approaching have a great fitness plan ready to start the year off is imperative. Th perfect gift? read to find one!

  9. By giving the gift of health to yourself, you’re giving yourself as a gift to your family in so many ways. The gift of more energy, healthier you, longer life span, less doctor and medication bills, more productive and much more fun you. Health is the best Gift Ever.

  10. To me, the best gifts here are the ones to reinforce what someone is already doing right. I think the Autumn Calabrese Fixate Cookbook is a perfect gift for that type of person. This way, those who are say less than healthy won’t think there is some hidden agenda – which, of course, there is. For those types, the best thing I can do, is share this article with them.

  11. Gifts suggestions like these are particularly useful with Christmas so close and New Year resolutions are just around the corner. It’s a great feeling when you contribute to someone’s health and fitness and this post gives you many ways of how you can do it.

  12. Ti’s the season for giving….we all know someone who’s resolution will be Health and Fitness. Share this blog with friends and family and start off the New year right.

  13. In addition to these great ideas a great gift would be to give someone time back. Babysit or help them with some of their daily To Dos, so they don’t get overloaded with things they want to get done in the day and are more likely to succeed in their New Year’s Resolution.

  14. It’s ok to be practical for the holidays! Last year, I gave myself and my family this gift of health. It has changed our lives forever.
    Now….I can ask santa for clothes 2 sizes smaller than last year!!!

  15. There is still time to think about some Christmas gifts for yourself or your loved ones that will help them feel better and live longer! January 1 – the unofficial day of Fitness Redemption! Get ready!

  16. So you don’t know what to get them for the holidays!!! Why not a gift that will help them with their health and fitness. You know they will want to start something fitness related on Jan 4.. Your gift could help them get a jump start and less reason to push it off again…. check out these ideas..

  17. Sharing some gift ideas for those people in your life who you care for. And don’t forget the most important person of all….YOU! Give yourself this gift, and get started on the path to better health early!

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