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Halloween Fitness Challenge

Halloween Fitness Challenge

With or without kids it can be hard to resist getting caught up in all of the trick or treat madness. Or should we say sweet madness. Those sweets can be one of the greatest temptations with Halloween. So this year why not take the Halloween Fitness Challenge. It will help you keep away from the temptation and give you something to focus on.

Halloween Fitness Challenge

Rather than allowing all those treats sit around the house and haunt you, you can make this Halloween different with the Halloween Fitness Challenge. Here’s what you can do…

Since the holiday is quickly approaching make this coming week (the second week of October) your preparation week. Clean out all the junk from your house so you cannot grab a cookie or junk food snack at all between now and Halloween. The second thing to do during this prep week is make a two-week meal and snack plan. So some grocery shopping and meal prep your lunches and dinners so you are ready to go. If you need healthy meal and snack ideas be sure to check out some of these recipes.

These few steps alone will help you keep up with your nutrition and make all of your workout efforts worth it because it will help bring results. Once you have your prep week done, it is on to the challenge itself which will cover the last two weeks of October.

Halloween Fitness Challenge

Think of this challenge as your Halloween pre-game. This year your Halloween will be completely different if you take on this Two Week Halloween Fitness Challenge. Here is how it works…

1) Two Weeks Before Halloween – For these two weeks prior to Halloween you have to stay focused on improving your results and staying on track. You need a goal, maybe a tighter tush, feeling leaner, or having more energy. Whatever you decide to make your focus it up to you, just give yourself something to focus on so you can see and feel your progress.

2) Follow the 80/20 Rule – Nobody is perfect but make sure that 80 percent of what you eat is healthy, lean, and fresh (fruits vegetables, protein, etc.) The other 20 can be a bit more lenient, but should not 20% chocolate, pizza or other junk! Use moderation and be conscious that what you eat will be tied to your training and your results.

3) Train Consistently – Focus on exercising 5-6 days per week for 45-60 minutes during that two weeks. Be sure you are choosing a workout that is appropriate for your level of fitness yet pushes you. Some of the best results for at home workouts come from Beachbody Programs. You may want to check them out. Regardless of what you choose whether it is walking, running, or strength training be sure to push hard enough that you are fatigued when you complete your workout and be consistent.

The Halloween Fitness Challenge will help you to build up great habits and resistance. When you are faced with a challenge of the sweets on Halloween, you may be able to handle it because you won’t want to give up the results from the past two weeks. Build up your resistance and build up your results! Are you ready for results? Happy Halloween!


  1. what a great idea and the items in this article make it really simple to get started.. little things can make a big difference. Count me in…

  2. These are awesome tips as the candy day approaches!! just shared this with my friends who I know can benefit!
    Thanks for a great post FSB!

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