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Health Effects of Caffeine

Caffeine has its perks, but it can pose problems as well. The best thing you can do is to find out how much is too much for you, as well as the overall health effects of caffeine. Once you know the health effects of caffeine you can properly determine whether you need to curb your consumption.

Do you rely on caffeine to wake you up and keep you going? Well you aren’t alone. Caffeine is used by millions of people every day to increase wakefulness, alleviate fatigue, and improve concentration and focus. This can be a problem.

Health Effects of Caffeine

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant, and it can be used to improve physical strength and endurance if used properly, but it can also have some very bad side effects on your health if over used and over consumed.

Where can caffeine be found and is there a difference?

 Caffeine is found in Coffee, Green Teas, Energy Drinks, soda, and in a pill form. Caffeine that you find in soda, pill form, or in the majority of energy drinks are synthetic versions of caffeine which is not a form of caffeine you want to be consuming. Then add the sugar levels that are in soda and most energy drinks, and you are on the road to weight gain and an unhealthy body. If you are going to consume caffeine it should only come from coffee, green tea, or if you are using an energy drink you need to verify that it is coming from green tea or other natural herbs that have been found safe for consumption. The cleanest most natural energy drink on the market is Energize by Beachbody. This product can found in their top selling Performance Nutrition Line.

How much is too much and what are the health effects of caffeine?

Some science says that up to 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine a day appears to be safe for most healthy adults. The key word here is “Appears”. The newest science has shown that low doses of caffeine may have beneficial effects on the body, where high doses can hinder how the body operates.

Caffeine dosages really should be tailored to each individual. If you are new to caffeine or supplements that contain caffeine, keeping consumption at 100 mg or lower per dose would be a good idea. Typically, 200 mg or less of caffeine has shown to have fat-burning and performance improvement properties. Heavy caffeine use can cause unpleasant side effects, and caffeine may not be a good choice for people who are highly sensitive to its effects or who take certain medications.

Heavy daily caffeine use that is more than 400 mg a day may cause side effects such as: Insomnia, Nervousness, Restlessness, Irritability, Digestion issues and Bloating, Fast Heart Rate, Muscle Tremors, and Weight gain just to name a few.

High doses have been found to not improve performance or aid in fat burning because it causes sedation and relaxation effects by triggering those receptors in the brain. It also creates an inhibition of serotonin levels, acetylcholine, and your adrenaline system. When this happens to these systems you will see slowing in performance, and fat burning abilities.

Of course you only want the health effects of caffeine that are good. So you may need to take a look at your consumption and see how you can curb your caffeine habit to bring your consumption to the levels that will have a positive benefit.

Depending on your consumption, cutting back on caffeine can be challenging. An abrupt decrease in caffeine may cause withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, irritability and nervousness. Fortunately, these symptoms are usually mild and resolve after a few days.

To have health effects of caffeine that will benefit you, try these tips to get your consumption in line:

  • Keep tabs. Start paying attention to how much caffeine you’re getting from foods and beverages. It may be more than you think. Read labels carefully. Even then, your estimate may be a little low because not all foods or drinks list caffeine.
  • Cut back. Remember to do it gradually. Decrease the amount by a few ounces each day. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages late in the day. This will help your body get used to the lower levels of caffeine and lessen potential withdrawal effects.
  • Go decaf. Most decaffeinated beverages look and taste the same as their caffeinated counterparts.
  • Shorten the brew time or go herbal. When making tea, brew it for less time. This cuts down on its caffeine content. Choose herbal teas that don’t have caffeine.
  • Check the bottle. Some over-the-counter pain relievers contain caffeine, and can be as much as 130 mg of caffeine in one dose. Look for caffeine-free pain relievers instead.

The bottom line is that caffeine can be a part of your daily routine if consumed at doses that benefit your health versus hinder it. When done this way, most of the time it doesn’t pose a health problem. Be mindful of those situations in which you need to curtail your caffeine habit. If you plan on using nutritional supplements that have caffeine make sure that is a high quality product that uses naturally low doses of caffeine, such as the Energize from the Beachbody Performance Line. Also keep in mind that when consuming these products you may have to keep your other caffeine beverages to lower levels.

When taking these things into consideration it will provide you the positive health effects of caffeine versus negative effects.


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  1. Yes, I’ve cut soda out of my diet, but coffee is a different story. I try to limit my cup of java to the morning hours – and have gradually cut back on sugar added. It’s those little steps that can make all the difference.

  2. Wow, caffeine is such a powerful drug. I know that I enjoy a cup or 2 everyday. Any more than 2 cups I find that I start to get the shakes, so from now on 1 cup is max. Great article for every coffee lover to SHARE with others.

  3. This is one of those topics where there’s a lot of data and opinions out there. Like anything, moderation is the key with caffeine. And in order to be most healthy, the best source is when it comes naturally.

  4. IT’s a easy to cut back take a daily inventory of what you drink each day! Then cut something out. And try adding Shakeology to your diet you won’t be disappointed!

  5. Can’t start your day without coffee? Caffeine is one of those topics that “the experts” debate. One study says it’s good for you, another study says it is not good for you. Do you get confused?

    This article gives you information (like where caffeine is found and if it’s natural or synthetic), helps you determine what the benefits are for you and how much is too much.

  6. Dang , I absolutely love my coffee , but too much of a good thing is still too much.. I know I will be looking a little close at my caffeine intake . Let’s make it an awesome day !!

  7. This is a great article on the Health Effects of Caffeine. I know for myself I have to cut back my 1 cup aday as I notice the effects I am having. I know in the past when I have cut coffee out totally I felt so good. This is an article for everyone to read who drinks coffee. Thankyou for SHARING!

  8. I recently read that we should have our caffeine drinks a couple hours after we rise from bed. Makes sense to me – we shouldn’t have to have a stimulant right after a good nights sleep.

  9. Super informative article on caffeine intake — what is too much, what is okay, what form of it is best. Lots of us have been using caffeine to wake up, power through the day, etc., but this article gives some interesting insights. After changing up my habits, I rarely drink coffee anymore, but used to drink 2-3 cups almost every day at work in the morning — what’s your caffeine habit??

  10. I love my morning coffee ritual, but have cut back to just 1-2 cups. Too much of a good thing is, well, not so good. Great article about consuming the correct amounts to gain the most benefits!

  11. I am not a coffee drinker and consume minimal amounts of soda, so this is great information for me. So many things I didn’t know! This is a great article about caffeine intake, what are the best forms and how much we should consume. Who knew?! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Yes! Finally, justification that I am doing the right thing by drinking all my black coffee in the morning, haha. Obviously, everyone is different and has a different caffeine tolerance, but there are some real benefits to your morning coffee or green tea 🙂 Great article!

  13. Reading this article has made me take a closer look at my caffeine intake. Using a few of the suggestions I now have a game plan for cutting down on it!! Thank you for this article!!

  14. This is a great article, until I did the beachbody ultimate reset I was drinking coffee daily and then switched to decaf ever since. At this current time, I have also cut back significantly on decaf. It’s more of habit then it is anything, so most days I decide to drink more water and add some fruit in it for flavor.

  15. Are you addicted to caffeine? YES, me too. But that’s ok. Check out the positive benefits to caffeine as long as you don’t over do it. In this situation more is not better.

  16. I am not a coffee drinker but sometimes I think that little buzz in the morning would help! I do rely on ENERGIZE though before a workout. This article helps to explain the pros and cons of caffeine use!

  17. Insightful article and some things to consider. As always, moderation is key, but I love the reminder about what the source of the caffeine is. Thanks.

  18. The explanation about caffeine from natural and artificial sources is great! Don’t do soda! There can be as much as 175 mg of caffeine in a cup of coffee depending on how it was made (instant=100, brewed=135, drip=175; Source: University of Utah Math Department). So, the maximum daily limit for anyone is 2 – 4 cups depending on how you make your coffee. The article’s recommendations about how to determine your limit should be followed. I would say not to drink decaffeinated products though, because of the potential link between cancer and the decaffeination process. Additionally, caffeine in coffee and tea has been proven to fight cancer as was found in a joint study by Harvard University and the Hospital for Women & Children in Boston.

  19. Before I read this article, I did not know that some over-the-counter pain medications contain caffeine. Ever since I completed Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset in the Fall of 2013, I have been happily caffeine-free, except for the occasional cup of green tea. This article could help a lot of people get in a healthy balance with their caffeine intake.

  20. I LOVE COFFEE!! It’s my go to every morning! BUT I don’t drink it for the caffeine.. I drink it because its tastes so good and its warm and just gives me a sense of comfort! I’ve never been into energy drinks, 1 because they scare me, I think they are horrible for your health and can be very dangerous! 2, because ever since I started eating right and drinking Shakeology every day I always have a good steady energy source all day long . I do like the idea of a pre-workout though especially before a hard intense lifting session. I just tried this energize yesterday for the first time and it was AMAZING!! I loved how I really could push myself in getting in more reps and increasing my weights. This article is a great resource for anyone who drinks caffeine or has low energy! BE CAREFUL with Energy products out there, I feel people abuse them on the regular and it’s just not good for you! Do your body good and eat balanced and exercise!

  21. I know after NOT drinking it for a while I will actually start feeling better than ever!!!! Great article. Good information and a reminder of knowing the limits!

  22. Coffee is my go to drink in the am I just need one and have been quite fine if I dont have any . This is a great article on the Health Effects of Caffeine. This is an article for everyone to read who drinks coffee. Thanks for SHARING!

  23. I will definitely be sharing this article. I was a caffeine lover before I started my fitness journey, I would drink about 3-4 cups of Starbucks a day. While I was never a big soda drinker, I surely made up for the caffeine intake with coffee, tea and chocolate. Knowing how much caffeine you can intake is keys along with knowing the better choices you have to choose from such as Energize is key as well.

  24. What a fantastic article and it really spoke to me… what’s funny, I know I drink to much coffee, however this article really did a nice job of conveying the proper message and giving me some excellent alternatives that I KNOW would benefit and enhance my current health and fitness goals! Thank you!

  25. I loved this article. I gave up soda drinking 5 years ago now. I drank so much pepsi it was crazy. I could never sleep. I feel amazing. I am looking forward to more change in a healthier way.

  26. I know I still drink coffee because it is a comfort to me. It makes me extremely jittery so I don’t drink much and I must have a good amount of food on my belly before hand. Caffeine is addicting and there are concerns about having too much. Thank you for the great article explaining the difference in natural caffeine and synthetic too!

  27. Wow I really can relate to this article. It makes sense now that I think about the amount of caffeine I have some days and how it does effect my body on those days… I need to read this again and take action. I do recall feeling much better on days when I limit the use of caffeine. Time to become consistent… Great article Thank You!!

  28. This was good information. I’m glad I’m not alone in the needing of coffee department. New goal will be to cut down on the consumption to one a day instead of 3.

  29. Awesome article!! I used to drink soda ALL the time along with coffee. I found that in the moment it helped and made me feel better but then later on in the day not so good! This is also a good article to share because I know so many people who are coffee or soda dependent.

  30. Caffeine is a powerful Stimulant, but it can also have some very bad side effects on your Health.We all have tried some source of Caffeine for one reason or another, this is a great
    Article to read, Please respond and let me know what you think, kindly appreciated, thank you..

  31. I have never been a coffee or tea drinker, but I do have the odd soda. Very interesting read on the benefits of caffeine if taken in the right dosages.

  32. Loved reading this article and I have to be honest, I was happy that it didn’t say you shouldn’t drink any coffee 😉
    I love my coffee! However, I usually don’t drink it first thing in the morning anymore, I now drink a glass of water and then my superfood shake before I ever have coffee. Makes me feel way better!

  33. I’ve never been a fan of caffeine. After my first try of drinking an expresso in Paris, France at the age of 18, which I had no clue what I was drinking, I was feeling awful. Jittery, sick to my stomach, nauseated. I think the cons way out the pros of drinking caffeine. I like how this article gives suggestions on how to cut back.

  34. Great article that I am excited about sharing with my caffeine junkies. Personally since I started drinking my Shakeology, I only have 1 cup of coffee on most days. My extra boost I get is from my shakeology!

  35. Think energy drinks are good for you? Consider your caffeine intake. Some caffeine may be good for athletic or mental performance but too much can definitely cause health issues…this article nicely summarizes the good and the bad.

  36. Just recently found a few things pointed out in this article through personal experience. I have been able to successfully manage my consumption and get the best health benefits and reach my goals. Thank you for sharing this helpful article!

  37. I don’t drink soda, but I have cut my coffee in take to one a day. I love drinking tea. I am glad this article explains the benefits of caffeine, when done in moderation.

  38. I am definitely a caffeine user. It helps me through my workouts for better performance. But make sure you are keeping track of how much you have on a daily basis. Too much or the wrong kind of caffeine can hinder your results and performance. Be careful with what you are putting into your body. Make sure it is “clean”.

  39. I am not a big coffee drinker because but this great article reminds me why I shouldn’t start now and why I am glad I don’t HAVE to have a cup to start my morning off right.

  40. I LOVE my coffee in the morning, but I certainly notice when I have too much caffeine.

    I switched to 1/2 regular-1/2 decaf a few years ago and it’s really made a difference for me…I love that this article suggests that, just goes to show that it’s good info!

  41. Caffeine! How many of us get through our days by drinking crazy amounts of it? Coffee, Diet Sodas, Energy Drinks, Tea, etc. It’s everywhere- and sometimes unavoidable.But did you know that caffeine actually does have some healthy benefits for you? This article will give you good advice on how to figure out your limits and receive the benefits from your consumption! I am sharing this with all of the caffein addicts in my life!

  42. I’ve always found that caffeine consumption is such a diverse and hot topic in the health and fitness industry. The right amounts seem to provide health benefits – but like this article mentions also from the right sources. But boy do I love my morning caffeine!

  43. Caffeine is a strong stimulant and I like that it may be effective if used correctly to boost endurance and physical strength, but like this article says, it could also have some very bad side effects on your own health if over used. This article answered my caffeine questions very well.

  44. I do not drink energy drinks at all but I do like my coffee, most of the time I do decaf for the taste because my shakeology gives me an energy boost. Good to know that having it in moderation is ok and having too much of it will have its negative effects!

  45. I love hearing a common sense approach to caffeine use presented in this article. Everything has it’s upside and downside- some great ideas about how to determine how much caffeine is beneficial, and how to manage.

  46. I’m not a coffee drinker and I gave up soda 20 years ago. My health has dramatically improved since then. Years ago I was in a seminar by one of the world’s most prominent chemists. He pointed out that caffeine is a purine as are adenine, cytosine, guanine (the building blocks of DNA) and could easily be inserted into your DNA and cause problems – including cancer. So for those of you who are liking your morning coffee, my recommendation is to find a healthier drink.

  47. What a great read! So many people forget that Caffeine is a Drug so we really need to be conscious of it’s effects on our health. Just because our culture makes it seem safe and okay by promoting Starbucks on every corner and so many choices at convenient stores, it is up to us to do the research and understand it’s effects. I especially liked that this points out the differences in synthetic versions found in pills or energy drinks. Coffee, tea, or Energize, in moderation are the best choices.

  48. We’re being told there can be health effect from having too much Caffeine. How do you know when it’s too much? Everyone is different; right? Check out the discussion. Give me some feedback won’t you?

  49. I am not a big coffee drinker, and my soda intake has GREATLY decreased to barely drinking it. But caffeine is not the enemy believe it or not. Over indulging of anything is not good for you. But in the right form, Caffeine can be quite helpful! Thanks for the helpful article!

  50. Not a big coffee drinker luckily. People that know me know the reason why is I put way too much sugar and cream in it. Soda is what does me in. Good article to be aware of the types of caffeine with intake amounts that are beneficial for you and your goals.

  51. Some great information about the beloved morning pick me up.. Makes me re-think how I wake up..and start my day and how many times I fill up my favorite mug. check this out and let me know what you think.

  52. I have never been a big coffee drinker but have recently been enjoying a cup here and there. Black! Which is surprising for me! Working in retail, you work around a lot of coffee drinkers and I always hated the smell! Now i actually enjoy it.
    There are some great benefits to drinking coffee as long as we’re not over doing it and adding in all the crap! I wanted to SHARE this with all of you hard-core coffee drinkers! Find out how much is TOO much in this article!

  53. Coffee flavored dessert or tea for me please! And at times you’ll see me adding just a little coffee or green tea to my morning breakfast or snack. Coffee definitively provides great health effect, yet when consumption is unbalanced it can be quite D, as in Dangerous. Do watch out too for decaf because of slight potential link with cancer. The best is to get informed, stick to unprocessed and find a balance!

  54. I have never been a huge coffee drinker but I was a big Diet Caffeine free Coke drinker and didn’t realize until I started my health and fitness journey that diet soda is even worse for your body than regular soda! I thankfully gave up the diet soda and drink lemon water now! I have occasional coffee but don’t rely on coffee to keep me awake! I do love to use a preworkout especially when I’m doing more intense workout programs! This was a great article sharing how much is good and when to much caffeine is bad!

  55. This is a great article about the effects of caffeine on the body’s health ! So many products today use synthetic caffeine which can cause some serious issues for the body. Very helpful content here !

  56. This article hit home for me. I do from time to time get on caffeine kicks, which really makes the problem worse because then I will crave more caffeine. I love the Energy from the Beachbody Performance line. It really does the trick…gives me energy and doesn’t give me a crash later. It really is a quality caffeine replacement for anything else. I love it!

  57. I’m always interested in reading about caffeine because I certainly LOVE me my coffee! (Especially after a 12 hour road trip and getting home at 5 am!!!) The amount I drink varies daily, and I know sometimes my body can handle more and other times I just end up jittery…I don’t take caffeine pills, and very rarely drink sports drinks or soda, so it’s the good ole cup o’ joe that’s my vice! smile emoticon And typically it makes me feel great!

  58. I used to drink a 1 litter of red bull a day… yep you read that right 1 liter. I would make it in my soda stream and bring it with me when I would life guard at 5am. After the red bull I would start with diet coke with a side of water… I am shocked my heart is still beating!
    I have broken the addiction and have been off the red bull ( gosh it sounds like a drug!) since I became pregnant with Kensie. It was HARD to not go back to old habits when I was lacking on sleep, working two jobs, and commuting two hours a day but I did it!
    I have never felt better. Now if I need some pick me up I reach for a glass of tea, use a boost in my shakeology, or use energize before a workout. My body and I do so much better now that I have cut the habit and fuel my body with clean foods, clean drinks, and an all natural supplement that gives me clean energy for the day!

  59. If you are one of the people who consume lots and lots of caffeine to keep you going though the day, you must read this article, good information and alternative about caffeine intake. Thanks so much for this eye opener!

  60. I used to be a HUGE soda addict. That’s pretty much all I would drink. I’m proud to say I quit soda several years ago. This article shares some really helpful information about caffeine and how it affects your system. A must read!

  61. This is one of those topics where there’s a lot of data and opinions out there. Like anything, moderation is the key with caffeine. And in order to be most healthy, the best source is when it comes naturally.

  62. Can’t start your day without coffee? Caffeine is one of those topics that “the experts” debate. One study says it’s good for you, another study says it is not good for you. Do you get confused?

    This article gives you information (like where caffeine is found and if it’s natural or synthetic), helps you determine what the benefits are for you and how much is too much.

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