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Health of Our Brain

Health of Our Brain

Our brains are amazing high tech computers. What we do and don’t do for our brains can make them healthier and stronger, or weaker and slow their operation. Just like anything that has to with our bodies, as we age things can begin to slow down and deteriorate. Of course if we take good care of ourselves this process happens much slower than when we don’t take care of ourselves.

You know how to know this? Simply look around at people. You can line up four or five people that are all the same age and you would never know they are the same age because they all have done different things to take care of their bodies. Those who take good care look younger, feel younger, and their brains are sharper than those who don’t take care of their bodies. Everything we do effects the Health of Our Brain. How the brain operates, effects the rest of the body.

Health of Our Brain

Neuroscientific studies from the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, has shown that we can expand the capacity of our brain, not only to self-heal, but also to grow in ways we never imagined were possible when we feed our brain in ways that will improve the Health of Our Brain.

So what are the things that aid in neurological growth? The things that we can do to aid in neurological growth need to be developed as daily habits. When we do develop these daily habits we may see a significant reduction in stress, an increase in the brain’s gray matter, a greater ability to tap into the subconscious mind for problem solving, and the ability to reveal incredible potential that we were unaware of before.

Habit #1: Proper Sleep for Stress Reduction
The stress that we accumulate during the day goes into our brains. Our brains collect and save the stress from our days, and when we dream it works to process it away. This is why 7-9 hours of sleep is incredibly important… We process stress and trauma while we sleep.

Habit #2: Follow the Sun Schedule
Waking with the sun is great for so many aspects of the brain. Our brain uses a group of nerve cells called the Suprachiasmatic nucleus, which is located in your hypothalamus. This cluster regulates our “circadian rhythm.” The Circadian rhythm is our “master clock” which syncs our body’s clocks. When we continually throw this clock off by not rising with the sun it can create an internal environment that has been found to impact obesity, diabetes, depression, sleep disorders, hormone Dysregulation, bipolar disorder and seasonal affective disorder.

So wake up when the sun does!

Habit #3: Use Fish Oil or if Vegan Flax Oil Daily
These oils have positive benefits for brain health. Feeding the brain with a high quality clean Fish or Flax oil will not only help with overall brain health, but your joints, organs, skin, and other body systems will benefit.

Habit #4: Meditation
We already talked about some amazing benefits that mediation has in our article Meditating Stress Away. So now let’s see how meditation can help tap into our subconscious mind. Tapping into our subconscious mind has innumerable neurological benefits.

Not sure how to be mindful and want an easy way to meditate? Check out the app Headspace. It’s a gym for your mind. It helps new meditators with meditation techniques. Meditation will you have you feeling happier, healthier, and living a more enjoyable life.

Habit #5: Be Uncomfortable
Our brains need to grow and as with anything you have to be uncomfortable to grow. When something we are doing feels uncomfortable, awkward, weird, strange, or scary we are in the right place for growth. Being out of our comfort zone daily allows our brains to develop new branches on its neuron tree. If this isn’t happening daily the neuron tree begins to dry up.

Health of Our Brain

A healthy lifestyle is about complete health. Complete health is about being healthy on the inside and on the outside. It truly must start with our brain. When we can improve the Health of Our Brain, so many other areas of our health and wellness can more easily be improved. Having these daily habits be a part of our health and wellness regimen can make such a difference!

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