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Healthy Snacks For Work: FIVE You’re Going to Love!

Most of us tend to think that if we eat three balanced meals everyday, our diet is taken care of.  However, it’s easy for unhealthy foods to creep in while you’re snacking.  Let’s say you eat breakfast before you leave home at about eight o’clock.  You’re not going to have lunch until at least one, maybe even two if you get caught up in work.  That’s nearly five or six hours during which your body will need some sustenance.  Most of us just end up taking a trip to the vending machine but how long are you going to feed yourself chips and candy before your body starts to rebel, in terms of digestive problems as well as gaining weight?  Instead, it’s a good idea to pack two healthy snacks per day, one for that mid-morning meal and another for the mid-afternoon.  Here are Five Healthy Snacks For Work that won’t be difficult to carry:

Healthy Snacks For Work: FIVE You’re Going to Love!

  1. An Apple and a Tablespoon of Almond Butter.  You can store a jar of almond butter at work and carry an apple with you.  Make sure you also keep a knife at work so that you can slice the apple and spread the almond butter when you feel hungry.  And store the almond butter in a dry area.  An apple contains 116 calories and one tablespoon of almond butter contains 102 calories.  So this is a pretty low-calorie snack containing approximately 200 calories.
  2. Whole Wheat Pita Bread and Hummus.  If you’re in the mood for more carbs and less fruits or vegetables, you can go with whole wheat pita bread and hummus.  Whole Living recommends this as one of the best snacks to take to work, as it comes up to about 187 calories per serving.  If you like cooking, you can even make up a batch of hummus and then eat it for 3-4 days.  Store both items in your work refrigerator and enjoy whenever you need a boost.
  3. Whole Grain Cereal with Berries.  This is another thing it would be easy to store at work.  Just pick up a box of whole grain cereal, a box of berries and some skim milk on your way to work.  Store the perishables in your work refrigerator and the whole grain cereal in a dry place.  This gives you a lot of fiber and a little bit of sugar for a much needed pick me up.
  4. Energy Bar.  This is one you have to really be careful with… You can use store bought energy bars, but as always you would be better off creating your own. If you don’t have time to make homemade bars, then here is what to look for when purchasing store bought bars. It is suggested that you look for bars that have more than 8 grams of protein per serving.  You also want to look for bars that have 3-4 grams of fiber per serving, 10 grams or less sugar, and stay away from artificial sweeteners like Sucralose, or maltodextrin.  The advantage of nutrition bars is that they are easy to transport.  However if you are using nutritional bars you do not want to rely solely on them as your snacks. You want to make sure that at least one of your daily snacks contains fruits or veggies.
  5. Meal Replacement Shake.  For an easy snack which requires no preparation, you can try a meal replacement shake such as Shakeology.  Store these at work and grab one mid-morning for a filling, nutritious, tasty snack.  You’ll end up feeling energized all day long.  Or if you opt to drink one in the afternoon instead, it’ll help you shake off that afternoon lethargy.  There are many delicious shake recipes as well, that are easy-to-make.  Surveys show that shakes such as Shakeology make people feel healthier, improve their regularity and increase their energy levels.


  1. Oh snacking at work was always my kryptonite when it came to my health…. I never came prepared and I usually ended up going for something quick, easy, and cheap… Well this article really does give me some fantastic options when I’m stuck in an office or at an event… #BeingPrepared is super smart.. Thank you!

  2. Most work sites don’t have healthy snacks. Vending machines are the default solution. With a bit of planning, the snacks outlined in this article can keep you away from those machines!

  3. Snacking is important to me as I have Shakeology twice a day and only one whole foods meal. This is a great article because it gives 5 easy options for healthy snacks. (Don’t forget P90X bars at 20 grams of protein and 250 calories with a Team Beachbody Coach cost of only $1.50)

  4. Workday snacks matter, especially handy to have around if deadlines or meetings get in the way of a decent lunch break. I especially like something I can carry so if I want to take a head-clearing walk I can snack at the same time. A cut up Granny Smith apple with almond butter does it for me.

  5. I loved this article I read about healthy snacks for work. It even gives you five simple ideas that are easy to have on hand and very portable, I just had to SHARE them! Its a good lesson that it doesn’t have to be hard to stay on track even when you work long hours 🙂

  6. I am always looking for easy snacks to bring with me to work! This article is really informative and I cannot wait to share it with my friends!

  7. Very good article on how to continue eating healthy even while at work. Some great tips Keep you energy and day going while continuing to live a healthy life style.

  8. Healthy snacks are key in holding me over between meals for sure! Thanks for the tips!
    Some other snacks I love too:
    A few raw nuts with an apple or berries.
    I also love wrapping slices of turkey (free of nitrates and stuff) around slices of bell pepper!

  9. Good snack habits at work help with weight loss and swings in energy through the day. Healthy snack avoid those big swings in blood sugar that give us those highs and lows during the day. They also help maintain healthy hormone (insulin) levels. I love these ideas.

  10. Most of us have been CONDITIONED by society that we should be eating three meals a day. How many of you ever found yourself making a pit stop to the vending machine at least once throughout the day? I know back in my Army days, that was the NORM for me. When I came across this article on quick, healthy snacks at work, I had to SHARE it with you. These are REALLY simple and can help you hit your goals much QUICKER than you thought 🙂

  11. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail! When I worked a 9-5 job I had to plan my food every day to be set up for meeting my goals!

  12. Many people struggle with staying on track when at work. One of the best things people can do is create snacks that will work with them at work and throughout their busy days. This article really has some great suggestions.

  13. It is so important to have healthy snacks on hand to avoid running to the vending machines. The 5 suggestions are great because they are simple to make or have in the office.

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  15. Eating from Vending Machines is very unhealthy. Candy & Chips are the last thing our body needs. Healthy Living, even at 68 is a way of Life if you really want to Live & Enjoy it. This Article will help improve your way of thinking when it comes to staying Healthy, no matter how old or young you are! Please educate yourself and your loved ones will appreciate it. Life Is Good but you have to work at it. Share with me your thoughts about this Article, Thank You.

  16. Excellent article on fabulous snacks to have handy at work to protect you from those nasty vending machines. Anyone have any have any other snacks they find work? I’m all about the snacks as I can never make it to lunch without one.

  17. Being prepared with healthy snacks makes it so much easier to resist sugary, fat filled temptations at work that sabotage my goals. Thanks for a few more ideas! Apples with almond butter or a glass of Shakeology are my favorites!

  18. I am an avid snacker so I am always looking for healthy new snack ideas! Thank you for this article – remember preparation is key! If you always have healthy snacks on hand you don’t have to go running to the vending machine between meetings (add that cost up because a dollar or two at a time doesn’t sound like much but if you add it up over the year . . . ) Not to mention the extra junk calories!

  19. I always am looking for new snack ideas to try and share with my friends. My favorites on the list are number one and number five, but I will definitely have to try out the others!

  20. Having new ideas for healthy snacks to take to work is always great. I have personally done all of these options and they have kept me on track for many years! Wanted to SHARE to help you stay alert and awake at work while keeping to your healthy goals.

  21. Love this article on healthy snacks that are so easy to grab each day before you leave the house!! You need to eat to lose weight!!! These ideas will keep you nourished throughout the day!!!

  22. One of the greatest things I have learned is to NEVER, not have snacks at work! I don’t care if i forget my lunch (which I don’t), but I could survive bc I have my veggies and hummus, my fruit, my quest bar and I ALWAYS have spare Shakeology in my drawer!

  23. I loved this article because people often don’t have snacks on hand when they are out and about and tend to grab a not so healthy snack which can derail any positive effort you have made with your eating and workout routine!

  24. Amazing how simple it can really be! So many times I’ve forgotten snacks and have been guilty of the things listed in this article! forgetting to eat and all of a sudden 5 hours have gone by! Thanks for a great piece! I’ll bet it’ll help with the afternoon workouts as well!

  25. I love having my shakeology as a snack on the days I go to work but I am going to try some of the others mentioned! When you go to work prepared with healthy snacks you set yourself up for accomplishing your goals!!

  26. Snacks!!! This is one area where a lot of people struggle, even if they eat healthy meals. I know I’m always looking for healthy snack ideas.

  27. Who works at an office where the Boss brings in sweet treats, and chewy delicious Carbs? I do! I have to do better, and be better prepared so I dont fall into the temptaion. These snacks, will help me in my quest! Thanks for this blog!

  28. I’m always hungry at work, especially on days when I get really busy, these are some great ideas of stuff to take! Especially the bars…I can’t wait to try making those

  29. This is a great article and I know many of us can benefit from this. Being prepared with healthy food during your work day will set you up for success! Healthy eating leads to more energy throughout the day without the crash.

  30. Peanut M&Ms were my thing!! The vending machine is indeed an easy way to get caught up with digestive problems, weight gain, and other health issues. Today I make sure I always take healthy snacks and love Shakeology as breakfast or after workout!

  31. As I was sitting waiting for my oil change to be done yesterday my eyes were scrolling the room and to my right sat 2 HUGE vending machines and I watched at least 2 workers grab something and go back into the office. It is SUPER easy to grab an unhealthy snack especially when you’re looking for something quick to keep you from getting “hangry” at work! These are 5 simple, healthy, tasty, and quick to grab, snack ideas for while you’re working! Thanks for the article! 🙂

    • These are some really helpful tips. Snacking is always issue when transitioning over to a healthier lifestyle, so these helpful ideas can go a long way in helping someone kick the bad habits.

  32. For me as a GRAZER at work, these snack ideas are so helpful. It sure beats grabbing one of the not so healthy snacks usually found on the office lunch table !

  33. Snacking is usually the problem I have with my diet. Knowing healthy snack options can go a long way to getting better results and staying on track.

  34. Snacks are important. I love the simplicity of this list. Everything travels well and doesnt require much prep work. Don’t wait until you are starving before feeding your body. Leaving the house with two snacks a day is a must for me and keeping healthy food in my desk. Nuts and seeds are my favorite and yogurt with berries and fresh mint.

  35. My mom has always called me a SNACKER. She says you eat all day long. Its true. I eat and then count down the minutes until I can eat again…… these are some GREAT snack ideas for those of you who aren’t sure what to snack on to keep it healthy! I am PARTIAL to #5 as most of you know. That’s one snack that I have daily and sometimes multiple times a day. 😉

  36. This article is SO helpful! I don’t care what you do for work, EVERYONE needs ideas for healthy snacks! My favorite is the apple and nut butter! Thanks for the info!

  37. This is something I tell my friends all of the time. Your body needs fuel to work well. I love the practicality of this article. Definitely a needed message!

  38. I have to do this because I be starving at work!! I want to snack and all there is of course is junk… lol. This makes it much easier. Good article.

  39. These are great snack options! It can be very difficult to properly fuel your body working crazy hours! Especially retail. That was always a challenge for me! This is a great article for my Las Vegas retail friends on the strip!

  40. Does anyone in America really only eat 3 meals a day? We “graze” all day. If you know you’re going to do that, plan in advance and make sure those “snacks” are working *for* you and not *against* you.
    This article gives you tips on how to pack a snack for work. Do you think you can to this? Post your ideas and feedback.
    Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

  41. Good Saturday friends, I know alot of us are trying to make healthy food and snack choices. Don’t be unprepared when the afternoon crash happens. Be prepared with these 5 easy snack options. I love # 5 . Make it an amazing weekend

  42. When I used to work in my corporate job, I would sometimes bring a big bag of goldfish with me to snack on during the day. If only I knew then what I know now!!

  43. Thanks for this amazing article. I really loved this because i tend to need fast healthy snacks since i spend lots of time in my car getting to and from work. I have long hours and need to prepare for the day. This was great.

  44. I can’t tell you how many times I have looked up at the clock at work and realized I haven’t had anything to eat for hours and I am STARVING…I just want to grab the first thing I see and inhale it. But having a healthy snack with you at work allows you to eat every 3-4 hours which is much better for you. Found this great article with easy, healthy, delicious snacks that you can always have on hand — SHARE it with everyone you know who could use some new ideas!

  45. I love having my snacks in-between meals, especially when its shakeology. Shakeology not only gives me added energy to get me through my day, but helps curb my cravings. This is a great article with some very helpful snack ideas. I love hummus and veggies 🙂

  46. I don’t go into the office much, but when I do packing healthy snacks is very important. With vending or other food temptations around, it’s nice to have a better plan to help keep the energy going throughout the day.

  47. One of the hurdles people encounter when trying to eat healthy is packing things to snack on while at work. Now here are some Great ideas worth sharing.

  48. I know that I tend to grab what’s easy, instead of what’s healthy, when working. These are some really easy and healthy snacks I can whip up and take to work. Thanks for sharing this article!

  49. So the past few weeks at work have been beyond crazy for me. Everything I normally preach about eating healthy, being prepared, portion control, ect went out the window. This article could not have come at a better time to get myself back in control of my healthy choices, especially at work. Thanks.

  50. I have to eat every couple of hours. It keeps the metabolism working and gives me energy throughout the day. It only takes a few minutes to pack a couple snacks for the day. Here are some great ideas that are easy, nutritious, and delicious. Thanks for the tips!

  51. Having snacks built into my meal plan has made all the difference in my success. I’m never caught starving making a bad food choice! #5 is my fave!!!

  52. Being prepared with snacks is like having a food angel with you at all times! I think I am going to try the cereal option as a snack next!!

  53. The vending machine at work is not your friend. Plan ahead a little bit and have a healthy snack instead. I especially like the advice in #4 and #5 in this article.

  54. This is an awesome article because snacks tend to get out of control with people. They are in a rush and don’t think of healthy as being something quick to grab for a snack!!

  55. Thank you thank you for the amazingly healthy snack ideas for anyone on the go. I will be sure to bring some of this on my outings with the kids this summer.

  56. I don’t go into the office much, but when I do packing healthy snacks is very important. With vending or other food temptations around, it’s nice to have a better plan to help keep the energy going throughout the day.

  57. Does anyone in America really only eat 3 meals a day? We “graze” all day. If you know you’re going to do that, plan in advance and make sure those “snacks” are working *for* you and not *against* you.

    This article gives you tips on how to pack a snack for work. Do you think you can to this? Post your ideas and feedback.

    Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

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