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Meditating Stress Away

Meditating Stress Away

We have all had those days… You know that exhausting day at the office, a strenuous day of classes, or a never-ending afternoon of shuttling your kids back and forth between music lessons and sports practices. I know your head is spinning just reading this, and you can completely relate. The real question is ‘What do you do to unwind’? Many people want to watch TV or pop open a bottle of wine. Unfortunately, both of these activities don’t help relieve the day’s stresses.

Have you ever thought about Meditating Stress Away? Taking a few minutes when you get done with your rat race to relax and reflect on your thoughts can do wonders for your mind and body. Plus, it can a positive effect on your stress levels. Meditating Stress Away has even been shown to help with back pain and body aches.

Meditating Stress Away

It is understandable if you have some preconceived notions about meditation and how to meditate if you have never done it before. The reality is, is that meditation can be done in a variety of ways, and you can customize it to fit your personal needs. Ultimately meditation is about understanding how you think and using that in a productive, positive way to benefit your mind and body.

There are many different ways to meditate, but you don’t need to know much more than the basics to get started.

1. Keep Your Spine Straight
As a beginner you may find it easier to sit in a chair with a back support instead of sitting cross-legged on the floor. If you prefer to sit on the ground, using a block can help lift your hips above your knees which aids in keeping your back straight.

2. Keep a Relaxed Breath
Breath in and out through your nose instead of your mouth. This can help relax your nervous system and keep your breath calm and even.

3. Single Point Your Focus
Focus on anything that makes you happy. It doesn’t matter what you focus on as long as your mind is on one point and one point only, and this point should be something that gives you joy.

Meditating Stress Away

If you find yourself becoming distracted while you are trying to meditate, don’t worry. This is common for people who are new to meditation. Simply acknowledge the distraction and then go back to your focal point. It’s an exercise, and with any exercise it will take practice to master.

Be sure to start with short periods of meditation. It is recommended that to start off with one minute. Once you feel have accomplished a minute with having no distractions, then go for three minutes. Once you have conquered three minutes without distractions it is time to increase to five or ten minutes.
Another thing you may want to do is experiment with what time of day works best for you to meditate. You may find that you have less mental distractions at different times of the day. Meditation will still have the same positive effects no matter the time of day. It is about you being able to meditate without distractions that the magic happens.

Meditating Stress Away can help you mentally and physically. If you find that you still struggle with distractions, you may want to give meditation apps a try. Some can be really help you strengthen your skills and block out the distractions.

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  1. Meditation, in my opinion, is the most powerful tool anyone can do. In fact, Steve Jobs, meditated daily and he said this is where most of his ideas for Apple were conceived. If you truly want to know more about your power, look within.

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