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Shakeology and Nursing

Moms often ask questions about Shakeology and nursing. Many times this question can come up because many new moms want to keep nursing their baby and they want to start losing weight.

Before we get too far into Shakeology and nursing, here are what a few medical professionals said about Shakeology and Nursing.

“Every pregnant woman should drink this. It has all the nutrition a pregnant woman needs. I wish all pregnant women would drink it.”

“It looks great to me,” after they reviewed the ingredients.

“As long as you get enough calories each day, you should be just fine to drink this. They have to put that notice on the back to cover themselves legally.”

“It looks awesome to me. I don’t see why not, look at what other moms are putting into their bodies and nursing.”

Shakeology and Nursing

Can you drink it while nursing?

You can… Though you can with some specific things to remember.

You must keep in mind that when nursing you typically need 300-500 more calories each day. You also need a lot more water. If you don’t get enough calories each day or enough water, your milk may dry up and/or you could have other issues that arise.

With that said Shakeology and Nursing can be of great benefit to you and your baby. Shakeology has no chemicals, preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, and no artificial flavors or colorings. Shakeology provides the highest quality ion-filtered whey protein in the original, and vegetable based protein in the vegan formula. It has high quality vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, super-greens, super-fruits and so much more all derived from plants.

With over 70 of the most nutritious foods in the world, it is one of the most nutrient dense foods you could be eating and providing you and your baby.

Think about it… Are you willing to eat at restaurants and fast food places? If you said yes to that, then why would you have second thoughts about putting clean super foods into your body?

Shakeology is an INCREDIBLE tool for your health and the health of your baby. Plus it can help with postpartum weight loss. When the body is truly nourished and is able to heal from damage caused from childbirth and the other things we had done over the years.

Other wonderful benefits of Shakeology include increased energy, improved digestion, curbing cravings and appetite for junk foods and sweets, lowering cholesterol, improved mental clarity, and so much more. Drinking Shakeology also helps people to get more fruits and vegetables into the diet.

Shakeology and Nursing

What new mother wouldn’t want more ENERGY and MENTAL CLARITY?

What new mother wouldn’t want amazing nutrition for themselves as well as their baby?

What new mother doesn’t want to have the nutrition needed for their body to repair and help in losing postpartum weight?

Shakeology and Nursing… You Decide!

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  1. I can see no reason why any nursing mother would not want to consume Shakeology on a regular basis. I’ll bet their mood and energy is through the roof!

  2. I have been asked this many times. I always knew you had to have at least 300-500 more calories but was a bit unsure of the shake. This is amazing news and cant wait to share.

  3. While I am certainly no expert in the field of “nursing” I can definitely vouch for the positive aspects of Shakeology. I’m losing weight on my terms; have more energy; don’t have cravings for junk food. If your doctor gives you the “high sign”, this should be a smart move for nursing mothers. You can find more information about shakeology at: http://waynefraser.org/shakeology1

  4. I’m asked this question a lot, usually accompanying the other question: “What age can my child start taking Shakeology?”. So, this will be an easy way for me to answer the first question. Just send them this excellently written blog! Now if only there was a blog for the other question. Hint! Hint!

  5. This question always comes up….great info on the benefits of Shakeology and nursing. good article to share with friends and family,

  6. Not that I would ever think of nursing again in my lifetime lol but if I would have I def would drink Shakeology what better nutrition to give my child than the best of the best.

  7. I wish nursing mothers would ask this question about all their food choices! We know that Shakeology has been recommended by health professionals for nursing mothers … cant say the same for fast food, processed foods, or anything with artificial ingredients!

  8. Fantastic article. All nursing mothers and mothers to be should read this article. The more information you have the better life choices you can make. Please read and share. Thanks

  9. This was a good article! I have so many moms to be or new moms asking me if Shakeology is safe to drink while pregnant or nursing. Man Shakeology is such an amazing resource to having a healthy lifestyle. Don’t deny the body of what it needs!

  10. Great article on this often touchy subject with moms super concerned with what they consume…and how it can affect the baby. Just shared it with a few new moms and moms to be! Thanks for another great post!

  11. I wish Shakeology was around when I was pregnant – when I was worried about my nutrition because I couldn’t keep anything down! This is a great article for all those new moms who are looking for answers!

  12. Excellent article! Good to know actual testimonies from medical professionals giving their opinion on this. Much better to have this than some of the other things that are put into their bodies. Definitely the way to go.

  13. If over 70 of the most nutritious foods in the world have kept me cold-free and flu-free for months and months, imagine what it can do for a mom that is currently nursing and wants to get back in shape? I was just talking about it this morning. Can’t remember the last time I was sick and I have been exposed to a lot of people that were and are currently sick. What you feed your body matters!

  14. Great article! If you are a nursing mom, why wouldn’t you want to take in all the nutrients and vitamins that are in Shakeology. Fuel your body and give your baby the benefit of all these superfoods.

  15. Nursing mothers take for granted that their prenatal vitamin in a must after delivery. Shakeology has so much more than a prenatal vitamin and it’s all natural. I can’t think of a better meal for mom and baby!

  16. Great topic. When you’re nursing your precious newborn, you want to be sure to 1) provide good nutrition and 2) NOT provide anything bad or harmful, right?

    The first question is simply what is Shakeology and what’s in it? This article does a good job answering that question.

    Bottom line, what new mother wouldn’t want amazing nutrition for themselves as well as their baby? What new mother doesn’t want to have the nutrition needed for their body to repair and help in losing postpartum weight?

  17. Having had a houseful of kids. My wife has always been determined to breast feed. She was focused in making sure she was consuming the right nutrients to maintain her energy and provide for the baby. She found Shakelogy chocolate vegan did it for her.

  18. I as a mom appreciate the information in this article….I wish Shakeology was around when I nursed as for my second baby I wasn’t successful at nursing past 2 months. Better then nothing I know but I feel very strongly it was due to being busy with 2 little ones and not being able to eat well, this might have helped !

  19. I get asked this from moms and mom’s-to-be often so am so thankful for this helpful and informative article. I will be sharing it with everyone. My favorite part is about eating fast food, yet second- guessing The Healthiest Meal of the Day as being good for you and your baby. Shakeology really is the best thing for your body, just check with your dr. and read the ingredients if you have any type of allergies.

  20. Shakeology is wonderful nutritional support for everyone; especially nursing mom’s. Wished it was around when our kids were babies!

  21. There are soooooo many benefits of drinking Shakeology every day.. I LOVE this article about Shakeology and Nursing..This is an amazing – life changing product that You can consume from the cradle to the grave.. It also totally helps with Post Partum Weight Loss..

  22. I know the pediatrician told my daughter who is nursing that Shakeology was very good for the baby and her too and highly recommended it; also told her that she drinks Shakeology too!

  23. I would think that when you’re nursing you would want the best nutrition you can find for your baby. I wish I’d had access to this when I was nursing. Thanks for sharing!

  24. It is so important to have good nutrition, especially for nursing mothers. What better way to know you are benefiting you and your newborns health than with a simple, nutritious Shakeology shake? I hope this article reaches pregnant and nursing moms everywhere.

  25. To all my new moms out there who are nursing…
    you want to do the very best for your new baby nutritionally (and for yourself!), but also want to start losing that “baby weight” and get some of your energy back, right? This article has some GREAT information on how you can do both–take a look and decide what’s good for you!

  26. This
    is a question that comes up a lot.
    Should nursing mothers drink Shakeology.
    Besides a few extra precautions that everyone else needs to consider…
    the answer is a resounding YES!!!

  27. I think this is a great question. “Are you willing to eat
    at restaurants and fast food places?” So, why wouldn’t you consider drinking Shakelogy!!!

  28. All pregnant and nursing moms want to provide the best nutrition for the development and growth of their child. This a great article that lists all the benefits Shakeology provides in addition to great nutrition!

  29. What a great article for all new moms who want the very best for their baby. This article demonstrates that starting you and your baby off with high quality vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, super-greens, super-fruits is a smart and beneficial choice.

  30. Numerous thanks for being the mentor on this niche. We enjoyed the write-up greatly and most of all appreciated how you really handled the issues I regarded as being controversial. That you are always really kind towards readers truly like me and assist me to in my life. Thank you. Palm Beach Gardens

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