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Should I Work Out on an Empty Stomach?

Should I Work Out on an Empty Stomach is a question that many people ask. Science has not always agreed. In the past the answer to the questions of Should I Work Out on an Empty Stomach, was Yes. Over the past 5-10 years’ science has shown us something different.

An entire meal before working out is a no-no. Digesting a full meal and exercise simply do not mix. When you work out, you want your blood flow to be focused on your muscles and extremities. When you eat a meal prior to exercise, your body has to focus its blood flow to the digestive system so it can process the food. So if you do eat a full meal it is recommended that you wait for 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours prior to exercising.  

Should I Work Out on an Empty Stomach

As stated previously you should not workout on an empty stomach, but you also shouldn’t eat a full meal. This means your stomach should not be completely empty. Give yourself enough time to adequately digest the majority of your food if you are working out after a meal, have 100-150 calories of food, or eat, drink, or swallow a high quality Pre-Workout Supplement 30 minutes prior to your workout.

When you have a small amount of food in your stomach or a pre-workout supplement, it will be well into the digestive process 30 minutes later when you start working out and it will have charged up your metabolism. Therefore, you will burn more calories during your exercise versus having a sluggish metabolism.  A study published in the Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, states that when you have a small amount of food or a high quality pre-workout supplement in your system you will burn more calories because it allows you to have a greater output during your exercise and it will have revved up the metabolism. This fuel helps keep the blood sugar levels more even throughout your exercise, which helps keep your metabolism from shifting, which in turn keeps you burning more fat.

Should I Work Out on an Empty Stomach

The question of Should I Work Out on an Empty Stomach is really a question of the past. Timing your pre-exercise feeding or using a small amount if you are just starting will keep you at your best. The general rule if you have a full meal, is to wait. If you are just getting your day started and want to get that workout done, have 100-150 calories or a pre-workout supplement to get you going. For more information on pre-workout nutritional supplements, click here.

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  1. This is a topic that I know has been debated for years… Personally before cardio, I choose to do on an empty stomach and first thing in the morning… Strength training I’m ok with doing later in the day, but never immediately after a meal…

  2. What a great question answered! I’ve been wondering this for years…and have made the mistake of eating way too much before a workout! sharing this with some “gym heads” I know!

  3. Since I usually work out later in the day, I’ve usually got something in my stomach. If it’s been awhile since I’ve eaten though, my preworkout go-to is usually a banana or some greek yogurt.

  4. This has been a debated topic for years. Personally. I like to eat a banana or orange prior as opposed to working out on an empty stomach.

  5. This is a great question which I think a lot of us have asked. I workout mostly first thing in the morning so its critical to follow the suggestions in this article. What do you do before your workout?

  6. This is always a great topic, and it’s interesting to see which direction science is leaning. Personally, I’ve always worked out on empty stomach, first thing in the morning, but recently started drinking energize beforehand.

  7. To eat or not eat before a workout, that’s the question a lot of us have asked. I find that if I have Performance Energize drink or a Shakeology shake prior to working out I work out at a higher intensity. Do you eat before working out?

  8. Great information. I think it also comes down to the individual person. We are all built differently, some may not want to eat anything before a workout while others know that they need to eat in order to complete a good workout. Now knowing the research behind it, I will try to eat a small something or take a pre workout supplement before my morning workouts.

  9. How many times have you flip flopped on this question? If you’re going to take the time and energy to workout, how do you get the most out of it?

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