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Strength Training Hacks that Bring Faster Results

Strength Training Hacks that Bring Faster Results

Strength Training Hacks that Bring Faster Results is something that all of us would like to benefit from. Strength is about quality and efficiency in movements, not quantity or weight. Yes, the weight needs to provide resistance to fatigue the muscle, but the quality and efficiency of the movement is where the results will come from.

Strength Training Hacks that Bring Faster Results is not just for those who want to build muscle and size. These hacks are also important to those who want a lean athletic body, and to lose overall and fat weight. Often we see people who want to lose weight forgo the weight training. When you are trying to lose weight dumping a quality strength training regimen is a huge mistake. When you do this a lot of your weight loss will come from lean muscle.

Strength Training Hacks that Bring Faster Results

The first thing you want to have in place is a workout regimen that includes at least two days of strength work. Many people don’t do this, and it is a must. Implementing these Strength Training Hacks will help you get the most out of your strength-training program.

Hack #1 – Add Mobility Training and Recovery periods. This is critical to making progress. Plus, your body will thank you later in life as we age. This can be added as its own workout, or as a part of the warm-up and cool-down times. Though one day a week that strictly focuses on mobility and recovery is also recommended.

Doing mobility work and having it as a part of your training program will allow your body to be more useful during other parts of your workout regimens, allow for greater performance on exercises, and help create greater results. You can have mobility training as a part of your warm up through dynamic moves and foam rolling for 10-15 minutes.

Here is an example of a Lower Body Mobility Warm Up using a foam roller. For the rolling moves, roll slowly for 15-20 seconds for each move and repeat 6-8 times on each side. For all other moves do 10 repetitions. Once you have completed these moves you would move into your regular cardio warm-up.

  • Hip Flexor Foam Roller Mobility
  • Ankle Calf Foam Roller Mobility
  • Adductor Foam Roller Mobility
  • IT Band Foam Roller Mobility
  • Bird Dog Stretch
  • T Squats w/ Broom Stick or PVC Pipe
  • Walking Lunge with a Crescent Reach
  • Low Squat with Torso Twist
  • Inchworm

Hack #2 – The Overhead Press is one of the best overall movements you can do. Of course if you have an injury or issues with your shoulders you will want to spend time doing correctives before doing this move at full capacity. You can also minimize the volume by working the this move in every other week. So why the Shoulder Press? Because it activates both the posterior and medial sides of the deltoid (shoulder), the core and when done right even involves the lower body.

When doing the shoulder press you want higher rep schemes and lower weight because the shoulder joint is naturally a more unstable joint and doing heavy weights places them at a high risk for injury. You also want to make sure you have a shoulder width stance with feet pointing forward and weight toward the heals, slightly soft knees and your core engaged. This will give you the best base. Your press is complete when your elbows end up by your ears the shoulder fully activated. Then you will control the weight as you receive the weight back down stopping at shoulder height.

Hack #3 – Training intensity must be a must. This is often a challenge for people if they are not training with professional or using an at-home program that is designed to push them. Getting strong is hard work and requires you to step out of your comfort zone.

One way to help you challenge yourself is do a total of six sets in a pyramid. 12-16-20-16-12 and attempt to do them without more than 10 seconds rest between sets. This increases your heart rate, and fatigues the muscles. Using this method of training allows you to focus on doing the set while it creates a higher intensity style of work. As you improve you can increase weights and or starting with a higher rep count such as 15-20-25-20-15 for more volume which will help them get stronger.

Hack #4 – Eccentric Training. This is doing the exercise in a quick motion when you are creating the contraction on the muscle and a 3 or 4 count slow move when releasing the contraction. Example of an eccentric bicep curl. Quick move to the curl, and slowly moving out of the curl is the eccentric move.

This creates more tension on the muscle, but also allows a slight recovery period on the tissue. Plus, it creates strength, greater flexibility, and uses less energy for the results.

Hack #5 – Use Multi-Directional Movements. Most training programs only focus on developing strength through horizontal and vertical movements. Yes, our bodies, and joints move in a multitude of directions. Therefore, it is beneficial to do movements in all directions, and do movements that recruit multiple muscles groups at one time. This is what is called functional exercise, which allows you to burn more calories and create an overall greater strength throughout the body. This is why the use of most gym equipment does not produce the results that most desire. Gym equipment only moves you horizontally or vertically.

Strength Training Hacks that Bring Faster Results

Doing a functional move that recruits multiple muscles and has multi-directional movements is really how our bodies move, so that is why you create greater strength and flexibility for your body.

These Strength Training Hacks that Bring Faster Results will help prevent strength training from falling to the wayside as it needs to be a part of your weekly regimen, and if fat loss is your goal it is a must. You can make strength training fun and interesting, as long as you choose your weight and exercises wisely. It would be to your benefit to use a professional when you get started, or a high quality at-home program that provides the right calendar of workouts and all the right ques for the exercise. These Strength Training hacks that Bring Faster Results combined with the right program will help you accomplish your goals.

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