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Tips for Fat Loss

We are surrounded daily by Tips for Fat Loss. The problem is that many people are using the wrong Information and Tips for Fat Loss to try and achieve their fat loss goals. Everyone understands how they would like to look or feel, but frustration just sets in as they use tips that just has them doing it all the wrong. This just ends up becoming a vicious cycle of frustration, desperation, crash diets, metabolic damage and eventually more fat gain or regain.

The majority of the information and tips that the fitness and fat loss industry puts out there is not designed to truly work. It is about earning money versus changing lives. If all the recommended methods did work, everyone would be walking around lean and healthy. If the book, supplement, and lose fat quickly companies wanted you to really lose the weight they couldn’t continue to sell millions upon millions of products that keep their company earning billions.  

Tips for Fat Loss

1. Avoid Processed Carbohydrates: Processed carbohydrates include white or low quality wheat breads, pasta, crackers, muffins, gluten free products, chips, sugar, fruit juices, oats with sugar, breakfast cereals, “health” bars, pastries and grains.

Processed carbs raise our blood sugar rapidly, causing the release of our main fat storage hormone insulin. When blood sugar and insulin levels stay low the body is able to burn excess body fat as fuel instead of needing carbs and sugars constantly.

  1. Eat Enough Protein: Protein is one of the highest satiety foods. It will leave you feeling satisfied and fuller for a longer period. Muscles helps us to burn fat, and protein is needed to build muscle.
  1. Eight Hours of Sleep per Night: Sleep is when the body is the most anabolic and builds muscle. Adequate sleep is also important for optimal recovery from exercise. Not getting enough sleep leads to an increase in appetite and cravings for carbohydrates and sugary foods.
  1. Clean Out the Junk: Clean out the foods that are junk foods that become a habitual grab and roadblock. Out of Sight, Out of Mind is the best method. A drug addict who is getting clean doesn’t keep their stash around just because they already paid for it.

Removing junk food also has an effect on the brain as it is a form of dedication to your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for Fat Loss

  1. Portion Control: Be aware of portion sizes. Society has skewed the view on an actual portion size of most if not all foods. Balance is what you need.

Your metabolic system will love real foods, balanced out throughout the day in the right portions. This will rev-up your fat burning ability. If you need assistance in establishing the best nutrition plan you may want to check out the Portion Balanced Plan that Beachbody offers with all of its latest fitness programs.

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  1. Gordon how do you do it? this is what I get from many people. My first answer is how bad you want it! this is the perfect article to share with them and see if they want it bad enough. My take, pay now, or pay for it dearly later…….choice is always yours

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