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Tips to Kick the Junk Food Habit

Our nation is exploding with the epidemic of obesity and diabetes. This explosion is coming from the massive consumption of fast food, sugary and fatty junk foods, and other processed foods that Americans continue to consume at increasing rates. We are a nation that has Junk Food Habits that need to be broken.

So how do we make a change? With a few Tips to Kick the Junk Food Habit, and a little effort, you can get those Junk Food Habits back under control.

These Tips to Kick the Junk Food Habit will help adjust the wiring in your brain. Unfortunately, by adulthood, most of us are a hodgepodge of neuroses and psychoses and we have developed habits that may have made junk food a security blanket, and unless we work on making some changes this urge to splurge will never vanish. Yes, we can consciously understand that our body does crave and want healthy food, but your psyche may never stop seeking validation of a junk food style.

Tips to Kick the Junk Food Habit

Tips to Kick the Junk Food Habit begin with training your body with clean nutrition. Eating correctly goes a long way toward helping a junk food mentality. When you spend significant time eating clean (consistently for 6-12 months), your digestive system will begin to lose its ability to handle the toxic effects of a sugar hit, not to mention preservatives and other synthetic additives.

Step 1 – Clean All Junk Food Out of Your Home

Out of Sight Out of Mind! If the ice cream is not in the freezer, odds are that you won’t go out late at night to buy some.

If you don’t have access to the junk, you’re more likely to grab something healthy, like baby carrots.

Step 2 – Eat Clean 80-85% of the Time

Just because your kitchen cupboard no longer looks like a candy and junk food aisle at the grocery store doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy those things once in a while. If most of your nutrition is super tight, you’re doing great, so cut yourself some slack, and relax 15-20% of the time. The biggest thing to remember is in the beginning it will be to your benefit to be really consistent and tight until you hit some or all of your goals.

Step 3 – Be Prepared with Healthy Foods at All Times

Being prepared is half the battle. Be sure to carry a purse or a backpack wherever you go. Always keep healthy snacks like apples or raw nuts with you. This will keep you from getting too hungry and making bad decisions. When you are prepared you don’t have that excuse.

Tips to Kick the Junk Food Habit

Great Snack Ideas:

  • Fresh fruit (Apples, plums, pears, and stone fruit travel well!)
  • Dried fruit
  • Raw nuts
  • Whole-grain crackers
  • A Shakeology packet

Step 4 – Try New Fruits and Veggies

There are plenty of different, healthy foods that many of us have never tried. You don’t always have to go for the same old boring oranges or carrots.  Look for fruits and vegetables that you have never tried, find new things you like, and look for new ways to use them in your meals.

Step 5 – Binge on Healthy Foods

If you just have the urge to use food as a security blanket because you have not quite broken that old habit, hit the fridge and binge on healthy foods, especially raw veggies. At some point you may still want to grab chips or cookies, but if you start with the healthy food, you are more likely to go light on junk food. Bingeing in any form isn’t a great idea, but it’s better if you overdo it with healthy food than with garbage.

Eating right when you have been a junk food junkie for so long can be difficult and won’t change overnight. If you are willing to choose your health, and use these Tips to Kick the Junk Food Habit it will get easier, and the reward is your health!



  1. These are great tips for everyone. Trying to get full on veggies is a great binging habit break-off. Also drinking a few glasses of water before dinner also works.

  2. So……..would you get “busted” if the “junk food police” popped into your kitchen right about now? LOL. I know I would. I admit, I love the donuts, chocolates, pop tarts, cakes and all the so called yummie stuff!!!!! Therefore, am attempting to clean all of these out perhaps on a weekly basis. One must start slow at this, and then gain momentum as you excel into the “healthy” eating habits. Keep in mind, it only takes 7 days to form a new habit. Best of luck to everyone!!!!!!

  3. I have been working on kicking the Junk Food habits for 3 weeks and its working. Its amazing if you just follow some basic steps and yes there is a lot of will power involved. But I feel so much better and so can you.. check out these suggestions!!!

  4. These are great tips! I was a big junk food and fast food junkie while working crazy hours in retail. It takes time but is sooo totally worth it! This article will definitely get you on the right path to changing your bad habits to better ones!

  5. This was my greatest obstacle to eating healthy. Don’t let them into your house and you won’t eat them. We have to get cancer from somewhere and with my previous propensity to eat junk food, I suspect that is where my cancer came from… Learn from my mistakes.

  6. Always on the run it seems and junk food at every turn to give you that quick “fix”. I still eat it at times. Nice article showing that you don’t necessarily have to completely purge every instance of it from your life and you can still find great changes to you health and overall fitness.

  7. Ok I have a confession… I am a recovering junk food junkie.
    If there was cookies or chips in the house my family was lucky if they got any of them. One cookie would lead to 3 dozen, I’m not kidding! I had no self control.
    This article has great tips to help you kick that junk food habit to the curb! I have used all of these tips and I can tell you for me they really work.
    Its not easy and takes willpower. I know you can do this! You will be amazed at how good Real food tastes once you quit the junk food!

  8. This article really hits home, I was always looking for that sugar fix when I was younger. After changing focus from junk food to eating healthy was a challenge, this article really does have fantastic tips on achieving those goals to get you on the right track.

  9. Awesome article. It is crazy at the amount of bad food choices out there and unless you have a plan and tips like this to keep you on the path to living healthy, it is easy to get overwhelmed and make poor choices. If everyone followed the simple steps outlined here we would all be in a better state of overall health.

  10. I love #2! Really great article on kicking the habit that we’ve wired into our brains! I’m still on the journey of controlling my junk food intake. I always like the facts that your articles include. Thanks for another great post GFT!

  11. How do you kick a bad habit? Replace it with a good habit. You don’t have to be perfect, but you can make progress. Here are 5 simple, common-sense tips to get you going in the right direction. You control what you put into your mouth. Little things matter.

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