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Tips to Make Creamy Shakes

Most of us have tried making nutrition shakes that taste amazing and are creamy and smooth. Most often, however, we end up with shakes that are too watery, too icy, too thick, or too just not right. Let’s put an end to disappointing shakes. It is time to learn the Tips to Make Creamy Shakes.

Tips to Make Creamy Shakes

The first of the Tips to Make Creamy Shakes is to use a shake product that has no artificial ingredients. Artificial ingredients they tend to be grainier in texture than natural ingredients. Shakeology is one shake that provides a daily dose of nutrition but has no artificial ingredients so it makes a nice smooth shake, even when mixed with liquid by itself or with other ingredients.

The ingredients listed below are the key Tips to Make Creamy Shakes, plus they add more nutrition to your natural shake base.

  • Use frozen fruit or vegetables. Frozen fruits or vegetables allow you to cut down on the ice. Ice waters down flavor and can create an undesirable texture. The best source of frozen fruits and vegetables is to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and freeze them yourself.
  • Use fruits that are higher in soluble fiber. Soluble fiber dissolves in water and adds to shake thickness. Soluble fiber also keeps you fuller longer, helps lower the risk of heart disease, helps control blood glucose levels, helps reduce high cholesterol, and helps boost the body’s immune system. Some examples of high soluble fiber foods are apples, avocados, carrots, and pumpkins.
  • Seeds and nuts. Chia is a real powerhouse seed. Chia has more antioxidant activity than blueberries and are a great source of plant-based omega-3 essential fatty acid, which plays a role in heart and artery wall health. Chia Seeds are also a complete protein with nine amino acids which can help digestion, blood sugar levels, energy levels, and more.  

Tips to Make Creamy Shakes

Nuts and seeds are a great way to make shakes creamy. To get the most benefit from your nuts and seeds you should soak them for a minimum of 10 minutes. Soaking increases your body’s ability to take in the nutrients and you don’t want to miss out on those healthy fats and additional nutrients that aid the cardiovascular system, metabolism, and help with weight management.

  • Organic Nut Butters. Nut butters will make your shakes creamy and smooth. Buy organic nut butters that do not have added ingredients. The ingredient list should include only nuts. You could also make your own nut butter. Soak the nuts and grind them up in a food processor. If you want, you can add a ¼ teaspoon of coconut oil to make them even smoother.
  • Coconut Flesh (Frozen or Fresh). Coconut flesh adds flavor, slightly sweetens, and significantly boosts the nutritional content of shakes. Coconut flesh is rich in iron, phosphorus and zinc plus it has a naturally high concentration of electrolytes and more potassium than a banana.

Not only will you have amazing smooth and creamy shakes, but you will have complete nutrition when you combine these Tips to Make Creamy Shakes with Shakeology. Enjoy!



  1. The Goldilocks Shake: Not too thin, not too thick – just right!

    Have you gotten into a rut with your smoothies by dumping in some ice, fruit and your own secret ingredients? I’ll bet you’ve never done it this way…and you’ll never go back! This will be the best, most nutritious shake you’ve ever made.

  2. Information most of us are not aware of. I will definately try Chia nuts in my shakeology. Like most guys, I like the quick fix of just water ice and banana.

  3. I feel like I’m back BARTENDING when am in my kitchen playing with recipes for making my daily shake. This article was very helpful to me for its tricks to making my shake GREAT ! !

  4. Personally I LOVE using frozen fruit.. (1/4 cup blueberries & 1 strawberry) and blend the heck out of it until super creamy… I prefer using 8oz of cold water as well… but I have been known to use Almond Milk as well!

  5. Depending on how fast i want to drink my shake is how I make mine but it has definitely been trial and error with the recipes i’ve created. For the people who are new to making GREAT shakes. COLD COLD COLD is the secret. Use frozen fruit and 8oz COLD almond milk and creamy nut butters. Play around and have fun! Great tips are here to be creative.

  6. I personally like to put all different tasting stuff just to try it out, but I still cannot get over the strawberry as being as good as end of the bowl cereal milk..but the article above might make the average taster spruce up their shakes

  7. I have been searching for more tips to make creamy shakes as I absolutely love Shakeology and need variety plus ways to get all my nutrition as simple and easy as possible. Hadn’t thought about adding Chia….great idea

  8. This article shares great tips on how to switch up your shake routine. On a side note, I personally love Chia seed. Chia has more antioxidant activity than blueberries and are a great source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids. I add it to my water or enjoy a handful for a quick snack.

  9. I was about to make a Shakeology when I came across this article and decided to wait to see what the article would suggest. Now, I can’t wait to try all of these great suggestions. Thank You, for making my life better – twice a day!

  10. Can’t tell ya how many times I’ve heard “I’m not a shake person”.

    I wasn’t either, but finally found one that tastes good AND gives me the dense nutrition I may be missing with what I eat each day. And I always love new ideas on how to make it better or different; variety is the spice of life, right?

  11. Some great ideas in this article that I have never thought to do. I’ll have to try them out. My current favorite recipe is frozen peaches, 1 serving of greek yogurt, unsweetened chocolate almond milk, chocolate vegan shakeology and cold water. Yum!!!

  12. What I love most about my Shakeology is knowing how much nutrition I get out of just one tasy shake. Tropical strawberry is my favorite and I usually mix it pretty simple with water and some unsweetened almond milk. Sometimes I’ll add frozen fruit to it or some nut butter. I like getting the nut butter at whole foods freshly ground out of the machine. I need to try to make my own like it recommends!
    I never drank shakes before Shakeology but now I’m hooked, it’s the easiest meal/snack to prep and sooooo yummy.

  13. I owned a smoothie shop for 7 years…I do know a bit about making an amazing shake/smoothie…The thing I love about shakes is that they are fast, tasty, fill you up and not many calories, so in the morning when I don’t have time or in the afternoon when I want a treat or at night when I’ve got a sweet craving I just go whip up a shake and I feel complete…YUMMMMMM

  14. There is no reason not to make your shake taste the best way you like it to taste. Don’t be afraid to improvise with a little bit of this or that. Just make sure these “extra” ingredients are healthy choices.

  15. Shakeology – your complete nutrition. I like frozen berries in mine to make it thick like a milkshake; without the calories and fat of a milkshake. Let me know what you use in yours….

  16. Great tips to share and as well I have tried avacado and it makes it amazingly smooth!!! Give it a try you will be quite surprised.

  17. What a great blog post! I could’ve used this in the beginning! and I’ve never considered Chia seeds. I like the many options you give to make the shake creamier! and just to change it up on occasion. Thanks GFT! #sharing

  18. Mississippi Mud Shakes!!!!!!!!!! Packs a powerful “punch” like no tomorrow! Mixing the Chocolate with the Greenberry, and then adding in a scoop of the Energy Boost!!!!! Toss in some crushed ice and viola, thick and creamy!!!! Will keep your energy level at an all time high!!!! A must try. Have a GREAT day!

  19. LOVE my Smoothies! I’ve been a smoothie junkie for about a decade, and I was absolutely convinced (before I tried SHakeO) that I had THE most nutritious combinations of ingredients in my smoothies. . I may have been close, but it took me longer to make and I actually paid MORE sourcing my ingredients… and was missing the some of the adaptogens and probiotics that have made a profound difference in our immune function and recovery from huge workouts. I go for simple mixtures like those suggested here … nut milks, frozen berries and ANY flavor Shakeology. It makes for the most nutritious meal of the day, in NO time – right out of the gate!

  20. To me, shakes were a solution to no longer skipping breakfast, and I can have a serving as another meal like lunch or dinner, or I can choose to have it as a snack. I love how they’re just easy and on-the-go, they aren’t messy to prep, don’t require much cleanup as juicing, which I once used to do, are more nutritious than other types of shakes, and are satisfying! I also love the bubbles at the top lol

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