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What is Needed for Proper Recovery

What is Needed for Proper Recovery

What is the first thing we have been taught to do when we just completed a hard event, or pushed for hours in a long workout? Eat and take supplements. So What is Needed for Proper Recovery?

In all actuality… Nothing! Our bodies are super smart about repairing and recharging after intense or prolonged exercise, provided that our bodies are getting reasonably healthy nutrition 85-90% of the time. If our bodies are getting that nutrition, then they will properly begin the recovery process.

So now you are asking yourself what about all those so called recovery supplements? Are those needed? Do you really need to eat or take supplements to replenish your stores? I mean you have been told this for years so what is the truth about What is Needed for Proper Recovery?

Okay, here is the run down. Eventually… If you’re serious about your chosen sport or if you want to be really focused on specific fitness goals the right food and supplements are important to your recovery. Especially if you want to get it done, recover better and more quickly, and get up and do it again. When this is the case, then targeted nutrition and supplement is What is Needed for Proper Recovery. There’s no getting around the fact that proper nutrition plays a major role in faster recovery.

What is Needed for Proper Recovery

Of course this doesn’t mean just go and eat. There needs to be some thought put into what you are going to eat, and what supplements you will provide your body. Both should be aimed at metabolism, muscle growth, and hydration.

Metabolic Recovery (Metabolism): This is about replenishing energy stores. Exercise taps into blood sugar as well as backup carb stores (glycogen) from both the liver and muscles. Therefore, they need to be refilled when they run low. To do this, one needs to consume carbohydrates. These carbs must be the right carbs to replenish and not be spent as quick energy.

Protein Synthesis (Muscle Growth): Exercise breaks down muscle. Therefore, the muscles need a supply of amino acids from dietary proteins so the muscles rebuild and repair. The faster this is provided to the muscle tissue the faster they will repair and put you back in action.

Hydration: Obviously exercise creates sweat and fluid replenishment necessary. Our bodies are 60 to 70 percent water. Water is a pivotal to all kind of functions in your body, including those related to athletic performance, so it is vital to your recovery and next performance that your body is properly hydrated.

What is Needed for Proper Recovery

Putting it all together will make all the difference in your recovery and your performance the next go around. Carbs, protein, and water should be the primary focus of any recovery protocol. Consuming enough of the right calories with the right number of macronutrients is What is Needed for Proper Recovery.

Carbs in the form of food should be fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Protein can be a vegan or animal based. Meats and dairy products are the easiest protein to fuel and provide a protein for complete recovery. Of course for the no-meat athlete, there are plenty of veggies and whole grains that will do the trick. Hemp, quinoa, nuts, and seeds are all packed with quality proteins to aid in recovery. Hydration is about the water. Drink lots of it! Remember half your body weight in ounces and then 16 ounces more per hour of exercise. If you live in an arid climate add another 16 ounces.

Finally, we need to discuss calories. In regards to calories, recovery is not the time to skimp. If you’ve just completed a massive endurance effort, you likely have a massive calorie deficit, so job number one is to replenish depleted stocks. So it is okay to eat a little more than you may in a typical meal.

If your workout wasn’t hours long, you will want to keep your caloric intake in line with what you normally consume. Of course your metabolism doesn’t switch off the moment you step off the bike, stop running, or finish that HIIT workout from Beachbody. So make sure you are eating enough. Of course if the goal is to lose weight, then a deficit makes sense. However, if you’re feeling fatigued long after your workout your deficit may be too large.

So if you consume the right amount of everything right after your workout you will be on the road to faster recovery. Of course you can always make it easy and take the guess work out of the equation and use a high quality fast-absorbing protein coupled with the right ratio of carbs and fat after your workouts. This consumption within 30 minutes of completing your workout will ramps up protein synthesis and recovery/ Most protein powders will do the trick as long as they’re low in fat, which slows absorption, but consider Beachbody Performance Recover, as it’s specifically formulated to take advantage of the post-workout window.

Combining the right foods at the right times, and Performance Recovery is truly What is Needed for Proper Recovery, and making you unstoppable.

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