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Working Out at Home Is Better than the Gym

Working Out at Home Is Better than the Gym

Working Out at Home is Better than the Gym! Give some thought to this…
A recent study found that gyms have over 635 different viruses, bacteria’s, and germs throughout their facilities. Only 5% of people wipe down the equipment when they are done, and only 20% of gyms have a regular cleaning schedule. Equipment should really be wiped down with a deep clean every hour. Doesn’t that just make you want to run right over the gym and grab the germ-infested elliptical machines.

There are a lot of other things you have to deal with when it comes to going to the gym. Commuting to the gym, cold and icy weather, remembering your gym bag and lock, etc.

So what if your gym was your living room?

Your workouts would actually become better. No waiting for machines that only work one muscle or muscle group at a time, now germs to deal with, no commute.

Think about it…

Here are some key reasons Working Out at Home is Better than the Gym!

1. You Never Have to deal with rainy, cold, or harsh weather conditions. When your gym is in your home and you can get right to it and stay dry and warm. Research has shown more people will get their workouts done during bad weather conditions if they can workout in their home..

2. Gym Schedules Don’t Dictate Your Routine. You can work out any day, any time, and during any weather. It is on your time and schedule. That is a part of having a lifestyle you create.

3. You Don’t Have to Care about How You Look. You can roll out of bed and get started, have your hair in shambles, or even do your workout naked if you so choose. Though that might be a little uncomfortable. You can look any way you want to, even get out those polka dot leggings, 80’s shorty shorts, or that tiger striped sports bra.

4. The only germs you will deal with is your own. You don’t ever have to worry whether the super-sweaty guy who is always sweating on everything right before you want to use it.

5. Your Performance Supplements are always close by. There’s nothing worse than forgetting to pack your pre and post-workout supplements in your gym bag. When doing your workouts at home, your Performance Supplements are always close by. This is especially nice when you realize you need a boost during your workout. Its convenient to be able to quickly grab your hydrate workout drink to keep you working out at full intensity.

6. You can sprawl out on the floor and catch your breath after you had a kick butt workout. Whether it was a 25 minute, 30 minute, or a 60-minute workout, when it’s over, you get to roll around, lay on the floor and sprawl out in all your glory. No one will be standing over you as if you are nuts, and you won’t need to worry about all those gross germs on the floor.

Working Out at Home is Better than the Gym for these reasons and so many more. One of the other big reasons that Working Out at Home is Better than the Gym are the machines that the gym offers. These machines only move one muscle at a time, and move your body in one direction. When you work out at home and use high quality at home programs, your chance for results will increase. When you move your body in many directions and have the right supplements in arms reach, you can have some major gains.

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