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Workout at Home with Online Workouts

Beachbody On-Demand

Workout at Home with Online Workouts

Workout at Home with Online Workouts… They are springing up everywhere. What is so great about online workouts?

Well first off they offer an interesting combination. They are stress-free, at-home workouts with accountability. You can track your progress, get nutrition and meal information, access your workouts at any time, and some even give you a free coach.

Online workouts are a really good answer to the fact that you’re probably working two jobs, taking care of kids, running errands, maybe traveling for work, and these are just a few examples of what we all face each day.

Workout at Home with Online Workouts 

So we wanted to take the guess work out and make it even more easy for you to decide what online platform gives you the most bang for your buck. Because hey… Its about getting the best you can right from the comfort of your home and not wasting hours driving back and forth to the gym. Did you know the average person spends $500 a year on gym membership, and then another $150 in gas driving there. Not to mention the 365 hours of wasted time spent in the car to get there and back. WOW! Who wants to do that.

So we took a look for you. Here are the top five online workout platforms.

  1. Beachbody On-Demand
  2. Daily Burn
  3. Grokker
  4. SpiroFit
  5. ReinventYou

So what do you get with each? Lets start with number 5 – ReinventYou.

Workout at Home with Online Workouts

ReinventYou – 1 Free workout, and you can purchase their other 4 for $23 or $9 each. So all you get is 5 workouts. So this one we didn’t like at all since you will be doing the same workouts over and over. This will limit your results and create boredom. Plus, we know that you need the three pillars to truly get fit – Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability.

SpiroFit – This platform offers 36 different workouts for $20 a month. The issue we found here was half the workouts required some major equipment that most people don’t want to have to go and buy. Again with only 36 workouts you are limited. This platform also misses the boat with the 3 pillars of health and fitness by only offering fitness. What about nutrition and accountability?

Grokker – This platform showed a bit more promise. You can access the platform for $14.99 per month, but again the workouts were limited to 14 fitness programs and yoga. Now the plus here is they do touch on nutrition with offering some cooking suggestions. But cooking suggestions really doesn’t hit the nutrition pillar and accountability is non-existent.

Workout at Home with Online Workouts

Daily Burn – Okay this one definitely steps it up when it comes to fitness. There are 700 different workouts that you can access for $14.95 per month. Then it falls short. Workouts is all you get. No nutrition, and no accountability.

Beachbody On-Demand – We were wowed by this option. You have three options of paying and none of them cost more than $12.99 a month and the cheapest option which is the all access for $99 a year. That is only $8.25 per month. Okay so we know it priced right but what do you get. That is what amazed us. You get everything and the kitchen sink. You get thousands of workouts, you get nutrition plans, recipes, workout calendars, a cooking show, and the best part a FREE and REAL Person that becomes your accountability coach. ALL FOR ONLY $8.25 per month when you pay for that year. We were shocked. This hits every pillar – Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability. BOOM – YOU GOT RESULTS and you keep the money in your bank account.

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